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Philly Singer Jaguar Wright Rocks The Neo-Soul World With Sexual Assault Accusations Against Common, Blasts The Roots, Erykah Badu & Jill Scott

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Philly songstress Jaguar Wright has made sexual assault allegations against Common, called The Roots fake, said Erykah Badu is “jealous” of her and bit her style, alleged Jill Scott slept around back in the day and much more. Whew, chile. More inside…

Philadelphia singer Jaguar Wright claims she has been letting folks "eat" for 20 years, but now, it’s “f*ckin’ over.”

The singer unleashed a bombshell of allegations in several social media videos about rappers and singers that make up the Neo-Soul world.

“The Neo-Soul movement was a fuckin’ lie,” she exclaimed in one of the videos posted to her Instagram account.

Jaguar Wright (real name Jacquelyn Wright) gained attention as a vocalist after meeting Philly band The Roots. That connection eventually led to a huge gig. She sung back-up vocals for Jay-Z during his 2001 “MTV: Unplugged” special. During her career, she released two solo albums and has toured with several artists, including The Roots.

Now, she’s calling out everyone on their bullsh*t because she’s fed up "tired of covering up the lies."

The social media tirade began a few days ago following the death of Malik B, a founding member of The Roots. Jaguar wasn’t pleased with how the other members sent him off – even though there had been friction between them.

”So, I wasn't able to be physically present at the service; but I was there in full spirit. I decided instead to do what #malikb would do.. put it to music,” she wrote on Instagram. She mentioned Questlove from The Roots blocked her and then proceeded to blast him. Check it:


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So, I wasn't able to be physically present at the service; but I was there in full spirit. I decided instead to do what #malikb would do.. put it to music. We shared that philosophy he and I. So, rather than simply apologizing for ill behavior #questlove me on IG instead. Keeping it I totally understand. I'm sure that conversation with #jimmyfallon wasn't easy ... "Why is she running down on me? I didn't screw her over?!" Or something like that I'm sure. Truth is Amir Thompson handles all life situations like this. Especially the difficult ones. He can't handle real life stress; yet he consistently creates messes for other people to clean up. So glad I don't have to explain why he does what he does anyone .. I can't quite remember how many ex girlfriends were informed of their break up by a second party. Guess things haven't changed. Some people will never evolve to their higher self .. by choice .. maybe they all should listen to self love again. #facts100 #thedream #goodtime #lovesparadox #theletgo #possibilityhistorians #dalladelphia #meetthejohnsons #dallaslife #notdownwitdacovid #3xdcafe1 #newmusic #masterpracticioner #newmenu

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In a series of videos, Jaguar made tons of accusations, but one of the highlights from her allegations claims a rapper sexually assaulted her. While chatting during a IG Live session with another woman, Jaguar accused Oscar winner Common of trying to put his penis in her mouth while she slept.

"God damn Common. Next thing I know, we go to bed and he’s like, ‘C’mon Jag.’ I’m like ‘No, no, no. I’m tired n*gga. I was on the stage all night. I want to lay down.’ I laid down with my clothes on. I’m a rape survivor. I know how to buy myself a little time,” she explained.

“The next thing I know I’m waking up in the morning and I feel something poking in my face and sh*t,” she said. “I open my mouth and this n*gga tried to stick his d*ck in my mouth while I’m asleep. Lonnie f*cking Lynn, Rashid, Common … whatever the f*ck you want to call yourself. That’s why I stopped f*cking with him, because n*gga if you gonna try to stick your d*ck in my mouth while I’m asleep, there ain’t nothing you won’t do.”

Peep the clip below:



Wow. Common has not responded to these allegations…yet.  It is interesting that a few days after these accusations flew, Tiffany Haddish confirmed her relationship with Common that she has been denying for close to a year.

Jaguar then talked about Common’s ex/singer Erykah Badu and explained why she thinks the “Bag Lady” singer never liked her. She said Badu is jealous of her and her song “Booty” is about her.

”Then he got with Erykah after I f*ckin spurned him. He hated my ex-husband for I don’t know how long. No matter where we bumped into each other, he wouldn’t even look my ex-husband in the face. He would talk to everybody…real b*tch sh*t. Let’s keep it a bean. Real b*tch sh*t,” she said.

"Then he got with Erykah and then Erykah was jealous as f*ck of me. That song ‘Booty’ on that second album. That sh*t was about me. She made that sh*t up at Black Lily in New York. That line, ‘Your booty might be bigger but I still can pull your n*gga but I don’t want him.’”

Not only that, Jaguar said Erykah would steal pieces from her sets and do them on stage, biting her style.

The Philadelphia native also made allegations against rapper Talib Kweli, who she accused of being a Peeping Tom. She said he peeped in on people changing after sets at a venue in New York. Peep the clip below:



Jaguar also went in on her alleged former best friend Jill Scott. Apparently, Jaguar helped Jill Scott on her first two album and she feels like Jill still owes her. Back in the day, Jill hated Erykah, according to Jaguar. She said their beef started when Jill felt blindsided when she found out Erykah was put on The Roots’ “You Got Me” even though she wrote the lyrics. Jaguar said the only reason Jill and Erykah are friends now is because there’s no one left for them to be friends with because they both burned so many bridges.

The Philly singer also accused Jill of sleeping around back in the day in another video.

Check it:





During another IG Live session, Jaguar criticized how Questlove and Black Thought of The Roots following the death of their bandmate, Malik B.

“I’m a little disappointed about that post Questlove put up too. I’m just gonna keep it a bean,” she said. “That’s what drove me crazy, sitting here holding all these lies and I don’t know why I’m holding these lies anymore. You wrote a sonnet about him and oils, talking about a ‘lighter side of Malik.’ What do you mean a lighter side of Malik?,” she questioned.

Check it:


None of the artists she called out have responded as of yet. We could see Erykah, Jill and The Roots brushing off her accusations. However, she made very serious allegations against Common and Talib Kweli, so we wouldn't be surprised if either of them address the situation soon.

Do you believe her?


Photos: Michael A Walker Jr/Shutterstock.com/Jaguar's IG


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