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Fendi Breaks Their Own Rules To Give Chloe x Halle Total Creative Control For Their Bomb New Campaign

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Chloe x Halle is paving the way for the next generation of creatives! The singing sisters were given total creative control of their new Fendi ad and they slayed it both - in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes. Get into their hot pictorials, plus their Spice Girls-inspired performance for the virtual GLAAD Awards inside….

What can’t these two black queens do?

Chloe x Halle star in Fendi’s new #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaign, featuring the brand’s popular Peekaboo bag. So get this…

Fendi gave the “Grown-ish” stars complete creative control of the campaign and they nailed it! From the team to the concept, the ladies worked with their longtime stylist Zerina Akers, and tapped Andrew Makadsi as art director, Derek Milton as videographer, and Julian Dakdouk as the photographer for the campaign. Woot!

The team captured Chloe x Halle’s beautiful sisterhood through an intimate and playful setting: their California backyard. In the picture with the ladies on the tennis court, Chloe x Hall wore lace dresses from Fendi’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection. In the accompanying video, the girls struck poses to their song, “Busy Boy.”

Chloe and Halle said they have “always been huge fans of Fendi,” so this campaign was “truly a blessing.”

Get into the editorials and the video above and below:


The dynamic duo chopped it up with VOGUE about working on the Fendi campaign, how they're staying creative, and their activism.

Tell us about your vision for this new Fendi campaign, which you both helped create.

Halle: “We have always loved Fendi. They’re the perfect mixture between sexy and classy—you can wear Fendi bags with anything, especially the Peekaboo bag. We wanted to incorporate that into our vision. We did [a campaign video] to a song that we have on our new album, Ungodly Hour, called “Busy Boy.” The song has a lot of sass, attitude, and playfulness to it. We did it at home in our backyard.”

Chloe: “We shot it all in one day. It was fun. It was hot outside, but we had fun playing with the clothes.”

In addition to your style choices, you both have been creative in terms of approaching your at-home performances too. Has that been an exercise in creativity?

Chloe: “It’s definitely been a way to exercise our creativity. We give all the kudos to our amazing creative director Andrew Makadsi. He really helps our vision come to life; we’ll collaborate and send a bunch of references, and he’ll just take it to another level. It’s really cool how we can articulate our vision while still staying at home, having fun, and keeping it simple. I’m just happy that I can quarantine with my best friend and business partner so that we can do fun stuff like this.”

How have you both managed to stay creative in general during the pandemic?

Halle: “Staying creative in this time is actually really easy. It’s really inspiring when you’re enclosed with the people that you love and your family. That’s what truly makes me happy. Quarantine has allowed me to connect with myself and realize my greater purpose and what I want in life. Just kind of self-reflecting and meditating—that builds up a lot of inspiration. Even though sometimes it may feel uncertain, we’re trying to stay positive and hopeful. Using every inch of happiness and positivity that we can to light our inspiration fire. But also giving ourselves breaks, and realizing it’s okay to just chill and not do anything some days.”

You have both used your platform for activism these past few months, especially around Black Lives Matter. Why is it important to continue doing so?

Chloe: “For my sister and I, it’s something we can’t turn on and turn off because it’s our everyday lives. It’s our livelihood. We have always grown up knowing, because we are Black women. I am very happy and grateful that the world is finally paying attention to this underlying racism that has been going on for years and years, and I’m hopeful that change will finally happen. Just my sister and I going out there and creating in a male-dominated industry, and letting our voices be heard, we’re standing for all Black women and our brothers. Just being ourselves and letting them know that you can do anything you put your mind to. We’re always thinking about that, and how we can uplift our community in any way we possibly can.”

You can read the rest of their interview here.

By the way, they're featured on VOGUE's June 2020 issue.



Even during a pandemic, Chloe x Halle are thriving. They recently hit the virtual stage for the 2020 GLAAD Awards to serve up 90s Spice Girls vibes while performing their hit single, “Do It.” The girls needed a little help to portray all five members, so they scooped up drag queens, Naomi Smalls, Vanessa Vanjie, and Mayhem Miller.

Here are the deets on each of their looks:

Each recreated a look from the Spice oeuvre: Halle was Mel B at the 1997 MTV Europe Music Awards in neon green python print and ribbon wrapped buns; Chloe took on the guise of Victoria Beckham at the same event, all slinky gold minidress and stiletto heels. Smalls captured the magic of Ginger Spice’s now-iconic Union Jack tea-towel dress at that year’s Brit awards, and Miller wore a barely-there blue babydoll-like Emma Bunton. In track pants and Kappa crop top, Vanije was appropriately sporty, rounding out the team with zig a zig ah.

Peep their performance below:

They're so bomb.  Loves it!

Photo: DFree/Shutterstock.com

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