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Is COVID Over Or Something? Gov. Cuomo Investigates Hamptons Concert & 700 Person Mansion Party In NJ Possibly Fueling Increase In Cases + Doja Cat - Who Trolled The Virus - Reveals She Tested Positive

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Positive cases of COVID-19 are continuing to spike according to scientists. And they’re blaming large gatherings for fueling the numbers. Several huge events went down over the weekend and politicians, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, are taking action. More inside…

With the United States approaching 150,000 COVID-19 related deaths, numbers of positive cases are still reportedly rising and healthcare officials say it’s still not time to ease up on safety precautions.

Every day, politicians and medical experts are reminding Americans to wear their face masks, social distance and practice good hygiene to slow down the spread of the virus. However, people aren’t listening and we’re starting to see the affects of how NOT following the guidelines is only making matters worse.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the Department of Health are now investigating a drive-in concert that went down in the Hamptons over the weekend.

Videos from a concert held in Southampton on Saturday show egregious social distancing violations. I am appalled,” Gov. Cuomo tweeted alongside a video from the concert. "We have no tolerance for the illegal & reckless endangerment of public health."



The "Safe & Sound" benefit concert took place in Southampton Saturday and it was headlined by The Chainsmokers. About 600 vehicles were allowed, according to an event page.

Right now, gatherings of more than 50 people are still banned in New York.

In New Jersey...

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy warns positive cases of Coronvirus is on the rise again in the Garden State. And he believes the rise is caused by large indoor parties.

On Tuesday, New Jersey reported 565 new COVID-19 cases, its highest daily total since June 6th. Gov. Murphy said the numbers suggest the state is no where near being “out of the woods.”

New Jersey’s total Coronavirus cases have climbed to 180,766 (on Wednesday) and there are 13,923 confirmed deaths related to the virus. Gov. Murphy said he’s not comfortable moving forward with reopening phases – like allowing indoor dining – with the way the positive cases are continuing to rise.

In Jackson, NJ, over 700 people gathered to turn up at a house party. It reportedly took police officers more than five hours to break it up. Earlier this month, a party in Middletown, NJ led to more than 20 teens (age from 15 to 19 years old) testing positive for the virus.

Health officials say they're worried the event will lead to more coronavirus cases.

Earlier this month, young people (between the ages of 15 and 25 years old) reportedly held a house party in Washtenaw County, Michigan which resulted in 43 positive cases of the virus. Health officials have been trying to trace everyone who attended the party, urging them to self-quarantine and to monitor their symptoms.

Last week, thousands of people in Minnesota attended a rodeo – many opting not to wear masks - in protest government overreach. We’re sure we’ll be hearing about a cluster of new COVID-19 cases stemming from this event in a few weeks.

Listen, we get it! No one wants to be stuck in the house longer than they have to, but this virus will continue to spread if people don’t stop being selfish and sit down long enough, at least without 699 other people, to get everything under control for longer than a week. You'll draw out the lock down time further the more you don't comply.


Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain (pictured above in the middle) is still in the hospital battling the COVID-19 virus after he was admitted almost one month ago.

The 74-year-old, who attended Trump's Tulsa rally without a mask last month, is still be treated with oxygen for his lungs, but his team claims his organs and systems are strong.

"We know it's been a few days since we last gave you an update on the boss. But he is still in the hospital being treated with oxygen for his lungs. In the meantime, the doctors say his other organs and systems are strong," a message his team posted to his official Twitter account.

"Re-strengthening the lungs is a long and slow process, and the doctors want to be thorough about it. We'd like him to be able to come home now, which is frustrating, but we're glad the doctors are being thorough and making sure they do the job right. Thank you for praying, everyone. Please keep doing it. He really is getting better, which means it is working."


Artist Doja Cat recently revealed she contracted COVID-19 after trolling the seriousness of it. Below is a video of her saying she's "not scared" of Corona because it's just the "flu" back in March. Check it: 

Then, Karma.

During an interview with Capital XTRA, she claims she think she got the virus from a Postmates order. Girl....

“It was a four-day symptom freakout, but I’m fine now,” the HOT PINK rapper/singer said.

Yesterday, she hopped on Twitter and answered questions her fans had about the virus and her experience:





1. Louie Gohmert, who refused to wear a mask, tests positive for coronavirus. The eighth-term Republican ignorantly told CNN last month that he was not wearing a mask because he was being tested regularly for the coronavirus.   STORY

Photo: lev radin/Shutterstock.com

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