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Tiny's Daughter Zonnique Sparks Pregnancy Rumors, Says She Wants To Be On Her ‘Nicki Minaj’ & Has Been Wearing Loose Clothing

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Fans are speculating whether Zonnique – daughter of Tiny Harris & T.I. – is pregnant or not. She hopped on IG Live recently and made some comments about “being on” her “Nicki Minaj” that has folks believing she is indeed pregnant just like the QUEEN rapper. More inside….

Zonnique Pullins - daughter of Tiny Harris & T.I. – has found herself caught up in pregnancy rumors again. Last year, fans suspected she was pregnant and they’re back at it again. Except this time, the “Fiends & Family Hustle” star makes a comment that has folks believing she could be expecting a child and wants to do it low key.

For the last two years, Zonnique has been dating rapper Bandhunta Izzy.

During a recent Instagram Live, the singer/reality star was chopping it up with her fans for a Q&A. When she wasn't ironically telling them to mind their business, she was dropping hints about something else.  Apparently, a fan asked her about the pregnancy rumors and she responded,

“I wanna be on my Nicki Minaj sh*t.

"I’m noting to be f*cking answering to y’all like I got to,” she said.

You’ll recall, Nicki Minaj announced she’s pregnant with her first child last week. There were rumors about Nicki being pregnant long before she made the official announcement.

Peep the clip from Zonnique’s Live below:


If you take a peek at her IG Page:

You'll notice the 24-year-old has been rocking looser fitting clothing as of late. And folks have been talking.




IF Zonnique is indeed pregnant, it'll be her first. It'll be her rapper boyfriend's second. He's already the father to a little girl:



It hasn't been confirmed if Zonnique is actually pregnant, but if she is, congrats to the couple!

Hopefully, those rumors about her boyfriend being a cheater are just that... rumors.

In case you were wondering how Zonnique and Izzy met, they shared the hood tale on IG Live. Get into it below:

Well alright.

A few months ago, Zonnique's step-dad T.I. shared his honest feelings towards her boyfriend during a discussion about Fabolous' step-daughter, Taina, dating rapper GHerbo.

During a Feb. episode of his podcast "ExpediTIously," Tip said he didn't trust Izzy at first and he was on some "f**k this n***a 'til he shows me otherwise."

Tip said he did a background check and Izzy's "pedigree" came back "without a tarnish." He said he didn't have anything negative to say about the young rapper and that he's a "respectable young man."

However, the "Live Your Life" rapper said he's still not all the way comfortable with the relationship.

He said he is "uncomfortable with what may potentially transpire in the future." Noting that he doesn't let his "level of discomfort bleed over into their happiness," T.I. tries to keep his "discomfort exclusively." He explained, "I don't share that discomfort with her or him... I just remain quietly uncomfortable, to myself [laughs]."

"I'll admit this, they've lasted a lot longer than I expected, so at this point, I'm rooting for them to go all the way," he said.


Photos: Zonnique's IG

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