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Andrew Gillum Raises Eyebrows With A New Look As He Returns To Social Media After Rehab Stint – WATCH HIS RESURGENCE MESSAGE

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Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is back following his rehab stint. And he’s raising eyebrows. More inside…

Right before the United States was put on lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum found himself in a sh*tstorm of controversy.

CNN political commentator Andrew Gillum – who lost the Florida governor race to Ron DeSantis (R) in November - was discovered by police at the Mondrian South Beach hotel in a room that had bags of possible methamphetamine present. Another man was found in the hotel room who was suspected of overdosing on crystal meth. Pictures of Andrew naked, laying in a pool of vomit surfaced and circulated the Internet along with photos of the drugs found in the hotel room.

Following the incident, Andrew – who was once heavily talked about in consideration for the VP position on the Democratic Presidential ticket – released a statement revealing he was checking himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. He revealed he fell into a depression after losing the governor’s race to Republican Ron DeSantis. He deleted his Instagram account after the incident. He kept his Twitter account live, but didn't post.

Now, he’s back on social media.

The 40-year-old politician made his return to Instagram a few days ago, sharing a video where he updated his supporters on the work he has been doing in rehab to better himself. He opened up about the toll alcoholism took on his father, how it ultimately took his father's life, and how that affects him today.


The father-of-three said he didn’t want his children to go through what he went through growing up, so he had to do something about his addiction. He also said he got into therapy to talk about what’s going on with him. He said he knew he had to talk about his issues to work through them to even begin to fight his addiction to alcohol.

”I am thankful to so many of you who have wished me well during this especially challenging time,” Andrew captioned the video. “I wanted to provide a personal update on how I have been doing. Take good care of yourselves during this season and I will see you on the other side. Warmest, Andrew.”

At the end, he thanked his wife, R. Jai, for loving him unconditionally and standing by his side.

Check it:


A few days later, he popped back up on IG with a selfie, asking his followers if he should keep or shave the beard he has grown in quarantine:



There's def more pressing questions but, whatever works.

Welcome back.

Photo: Andrew's IG


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