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Inside 'CAMP QUARANTINE' At TP STUDIOS: ‘Sistas’ Star KJ Smith Gives An Update

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What’s life like being quarantine at Tyler Perry Studios? “Sistas” star KJ Smith gives us an update…

Tyler Perry laid out a 30-page document titled “Camp Quarantine” to lay out his plans to begin filming again at his state-of-the-art film studio in Atlanta amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The document detailed safety plans put in place to keep the cast and crew of his TV shows “Sistas” and “The Oval” safe.

The cast and crew will reside on TP Studios campus in Georgia for the duration of filming. The document revealed the specific steps each individual will need to take to protect against the spread of the virus as they get back to work.

”Sistas” star KJ Smith shared with TMZ what life is like at “Camp Quarantine” inside TP Studios.

The gorgeous actress said she feels safe and secure since the cast and crew must undergo constant COVID-19 testing. She said the “Sistas” cast and crew have been there since July 9th and she has taken a total of nine tests. They’re all negative. When they arrived, they had to sit in one area until their test results came back. Tyler Perry is making sure his cast and crew are in good hands.

”I feel safe here,” she said. “I feel like he really cares about all of our safety and he’s not just trying to get the project out which is very different from the Hollywood standard,” she said.

NBA players have been complaining about the food they have been receiving in their Orlando bubble. KJ and crew can’t relate. She said they’re eating “GOOD!” Things like ribs and salmon have been on the menu.

The “Camp Quarantine” experience has been “fun” for her. She said she has enjoyed getting to know everyone from different departments – people she wouldn’t get the chance to meet had they been filming on a regular set. At Camp Quarantine, all the departments eat dinner together, which allows everyone to interact and get to know one another.

Peep the clip above!

Below is the full 30-page document TP sent out to reopen his studio:

Tyler Perry by THR on Scribd

Tyler Perry has a new comedy series title "Assisted Living" coming down the pipeline. The new series will star David Mann, Tamela Mann, J. Anthony Brown, Na’im Lynn, Courtney Nichole, Tayler Buck and Alex Henderson. He's also bringing back his comedy series "House of Payne" at BET. And the original cast will be returning to reprise their roles. We're sure they'll follow the same COVID-19 procedures to begin production as well.




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