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Political Drama! Two Judges Step Down In Gov. Kemp vs. Mayor Bottoms Lawsuit, Hearing Canceled

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is suing Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms because of the mask mandates she enforced. Now, two judges have recused themselves from the legal battle. Deets inside…

As if the nation isn’t already going through enough right now,  Republican Governor Brian Kemp is stirring up more drama in the state of Georgia.

As Coronavirus cases in Georgia surge, Gov. Kemp is busy filing a lawsuit against Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) and City Council members to block the city’s mask requirement amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Georgia Governor said he would stand down as the mayor’s “disastrous policies threaten the lives and livelihood of our citizens.”



Gov. Kemp is asking the judge to suspend the Mayor Bottom’s executive orders and to stop her from “issuing press releases, or making statements to the press, that she has the authority to impose more or less restrictive measures” than him.

The mask mandate bans gatherings of more than 10 people on city property and requires people to wear masks in Atlanta.

Mayor Bottoms – who recently revealed she tested positive for Coronavirus – is more than ready to duke it out with the Governor in court. She hopped on Twitter and accused Gov. Kemp of playing politics since she’s the only Mayor being sued for mask mandates when other Georgia municipalities have adopted the same mask requirements, including Savannah, Athens and Augusta.



In an interview with the “TODAY” show, Mayor Bottoms said Gov. Kemp “overstepped his bounds” by challenging her and said, “We’ll see him in court!” Peep the clip below:



Now, two Fulton County Superior Court judges have recused themselves from the legal battle.

According to the AJC, Judge Kelly Ellerbe was supposed to hold the first hearing in the matter, but the proceeding was canceled less that two hours before it was scheduled to start. It’s said Judge Ellerbe voluntarily recused herself from the case. Hmph. Deputy Georgia Attorney General Julie Jacobs sent Judge Ellerbe an email, requesting she recused herself from the case.

“After consultation with our client, the State would respectfully request that you recuse yourself from this matter,” Julie Jacobs wrote in the email. “This particular case has drawn significant attention at the state and national level, and therefore, we believe for all parties concerned, that even any potential perception of impropriety could be problematic.”



The case was then reassigned to Judge Shawn Ellen LaGrua, who also voluntarily recused herself. In her order, she noted she worked as an inspector general for Gov. Kemp when he served as Georgia’s Secretary of State. She added that she “has been and remains under consideration for gubernatorial appointments” by Gov. Kemp.

Another judge has been appointed to the case. Judge Jane C. Barwick is now presiding over the case and will have to reschedule the hearing for another date.

The Georgia Municipal Association also filed court papers, opposing Gov. Kemp’s lawsuit.



So, to put everything in a nutshell, Gov. Kemp is ONLY suing Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (a black woman) because of her mask mandate, but he’s NOT suing Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz (a white man), who has a mask mandate in his city. Heaven forbid a black woman exerts her constitutional power to lead her constituents who elected her to do so.

Savannah Mayor Van R. Johnson and Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. are black men, so we wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit ends up on their desks soon.

Make it all make sense!


Photos: Michael A Walker Jr/Shutterstock.com/Getty

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