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Wait, So LisaRaye Knows Will & Jada’s Marriage Secrets?

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LisaRaye shares what she thinks about Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina’s “entanglement.” Does she know something we don’t know? Find out what she said inside…

We all know LisaRaye doesn’t mince words when it comes to giving her opinion on hot topics…about anything. So, it comes to no surprise, The Players Club actress has something to say about the controversial situation.

During “Cocktails With Queens” with Viviva A. Fox, Syleena Johnson and Claudia Jordan, the Jada Pinkett Smith/August Alsina/Will Smith “entanglement” was brought up and everyone gave their opinion about it. The media said Jada denied being romantically involved with August. However, Jada and her husband Will went on her Facebook Watch Series "Red Table Talk" to clear the air and she confirmed she was involved in a relationship with August.

“I think that Jada is going to plead the fifth like Beyonce and Jay-Z. They’ve never really been so…with their business. All the rumors that we hear, we’ve been hearing it for years. They never spoke towards it,” LisaRaye said.

LisaRaye said Jada messed August up even more for “taking advantage” of him while he was “down.”

”I think and I feel that he was a baby. Now, I’m all for you wanting to date somebody younger, but because of his circumstance and why and which he came for her – wounded and hurt. And in her lap…how did he get off the hell did he get off the lap and then you got up on to the dick? I don’t understand it. At one point when you were nursing him back? Your son brought him to you all. So, you were trying to mentor him. You done f*cked him up even more,” she said.

Dammmmmmmmmmmn. Tell us how you really feel LisaRaye!

She said she felt Jada came clean because if she didn’t, it would look like August was lying. Sylenna said she found it funny how August (which she dubbed “the baby”) has an album coming out and these allegations come out at the same time.

LisaRaye gave her opinion straight talk, NO chaser.

Watch her go off and then also defend Jada below:

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Photos: Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock.com

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