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COVID-19 UPDATES: L.A. On The Brink Of Shutting Down Again + NY Reports No New Coronavirus Deaths + Disney World Reopens

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With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, it appears some cities could be placed on lockdown…again. More inside…

Some major cities in the United States seemingly opened too soon because some are considering going back to a total lockdown. Los Angeles is reportedly on the fence about inititiating another lockdown to flatten the Coronavirus curve.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told the media that L.A. is “is on the border of going to red,” which is the highest level. That means the city of Los Angeles could be shut down for a second time during to the pandemic.

The mayor urged citizens to stay home and avoid gatherings.

“Let me tell you the bad news,” Mayor Garcetti said. “We’ve never had as many people [in L.A.] infected, or infectious. We’ve never had as many recorded positive cases each day, and we’ve never had as many people in the hospital as there are tonight as I speak to you.”


As of now, L.A.’s threat is in the orange zone despite California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordering all restaurants, movie theaters, wineries, zoos and bars to close yesterday (July 13th). Cases continue to spike in the state, forcing return to more restrictive safer-at-home orders.



Los Angeles isn’t the only city hit hard by Coronavirus after re-opening…

For the first time in months, New York - which was once dubbed the epicent of the COVID-19 virus - was able to report there were no Coronavirus deaths reported on Saturday (June 11th).


According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, there were zero deaths in a 24-hour period, but that the virus is still taking lives.

Yesterday, there were five COVID-19 deaths:

The day before, there were 10 deaths:

Down South...

Florida's COVID-19 numbers aren't looking good either. Hospitals are filling up with COVID cases to the point where they are looking to find new ways to bring in more beds for the sickly.

The Sunshine state set a one-day coronavirus death record for the state with 132. Gov. Ron DeSantis - who declared Florida as one of the first states to reopen - got dragged during a news conference at a Miami hospital amid Florida’s recent surge in coronavirus cases.

“Shame on you! You are an embarrassment! You are an embarrassment! We are getting record breaking cases and you are doing nothing,” activist Thomas Kennedy said seconds after the governor arrived at the podium.

Check it:


To make matters worse, Walt Disney World, Disney Land and Universal Studios have re-opened. According to TMZ, workers at Disney Land don't feel comfortable returning during the pandemic. The site reports

Disneyland just opened the flood gates to Downtown Disney -- something many employees there are uncomfortable with at minimum ... and deathly afraid of at worst.

TMZ spoke to a couple different union honchos who have hundreds to thousands of members working for the Mouse House during normal times -- and they told us their rank and file don't feel safe, and won't until some crucial demands are met. 

By the way, Florida Coronavirus numbers are continually rising, yet they opened Disney World.

If you do decide to go to Disney Land, know that there's hardly any social distancing happening:

School districts across the country are being forced to figure how reopening plans for the fall due to the Coronavirus pandemic. reconsider their reopening plans and even reverse course for the upcoming school year, as coronavirus infection rates continue to spike and new hot spots emerge. The Miami-Dade County Public School district is currently in Phase 1 of reopening and cannot offer in-person instruction until the region enters Phase 2.  There's that.

CNN reports:

California's two largest school districts announced Monday that schools will not open for any in-person instruction when the academic year starts in August, and that students will continue to learn remotely. Los Angeles Unified School District and San Diego Unified School District are the largest school districts to date to forgo any type of in-person instruction.

For the largest school district in the country, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his plan for schools to reopen for at least some in-person instruction in the fall. Proposing three models of staggered in-person instruction, de Blasio's blended learning plan would allow for in-person attendance to range from one to three days a week.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that in order for in-person class to be allowed, a region must be in Phase 4 of reopening, which New York City is not. School districts also must be in regions where the daily infection rate remains at 5% or lower over a 14 day average. Cuomo said final decisions on reopening will be made during the first week of August.

Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Lisa Herring announced Monday that Atlanta public schools will start the first nine weeks of the school year virtually. Under Herring's proposal, the start of the school year will be pushed back from August 10 to August 24.
Nashville public schools were forced to reverse course, no longer returning to in-person learning on August 4, and strictly offering remote learning through at least Labor Day.
Detroit Public Schools opened their doors for summer classes on Monday, the first-time students will be allowed back for in-person instruction since doors were closed in response to the pandemic. Detroit will offer both in-person and virtual learning courses, and families are given the option to decide which model they prefer.
Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa expressed growing concern about being ready in time to reopen schools by mid-August given the spiking rates of coronavirus in his district.
What school will look like this fall will determine the decisions by the police makers

Just stay home so we can get this pandemic under control. When you go out for ESSENTIAL reasons, wear a mask.  It's not worth risking it all to open early only to be placed BACK on lockdown. Quick lock down, gradual open, longer freedom.


Photos: tigristiara/Shutterstock.com

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