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Human Remains Confirmed To Be Fort Hood Solider Vanessa Guillen, Suspect Appears In Court + Family Demands Congressional Investigation

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New developments in the disappearance of a female Fort Hood solider are trickling in. Fort Hood officials confirm human remains found in Bell County were that of missing Spc. Vanessa Guillen. The woman accused of helping to dispose of her body was arrested and recently appeared in court. Find out what happened in court, plus what Vanessa’s family is requesting inside…

New developments in the case of missing SPC Vanessa Guillen are trickling in.

Vanessa Guillen, 20, went missing on April 22nd and her family had been desperately searching for her. Her unit reported her missing to the US Army Criminal Investigation Division on April 23rd after a check of the barracks and unit area couldn’t locate her.

The Fort Hood solider was last seen in the parking lot of her Regimental Engineer Squadron Headquarters, 3rd Cavalry Regiment in Fort Hood, Texas. Vanesa’s car keys, barracks room key, and identification card were later found in the armory room where she had worked earlier in the day. She was last seen in the parking lot wearing a black t-shirt and purple fitness-type pants.

Months after her disappearance and a heavy social media presence demanding justice, the remains of Vanessa Guillen were found. Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt, III Corps deputy commanding general confirmed that a DNA analysis confirmed remains found on June 30th near the Leon River in Bell County were those of missing Spc. Vanessa Guillen. Natalie Khawa - an attorney representing Vanessa's family - also confirmed the remains belonged to Vanessa.

Peep Maj. Efflandt's press conference below where also encouraged more victims of sexual assault to come forward:

Vanessa's family and lawyer claim the 20-year-old Houston native was sexually harassed on post before her death. It's alleged a man walked in on Vanessa and watched her as she showered. However, the Army claims it didn't have evidence of sexual harassment. Maj. Efflandt said Army CID will complete that investigation and "take actions against those findings."

A woman accused of helping to hide Vanessa's body was arrested and now faces conspiracy charges.

22-year-old Cecily Aguilar appeared in court to face charges on conspiracy for her alleged role in the death of Vanessa. The U.S. Attorney's office of the Western District of Texas said 20-year-old U.S. Army Specialist Aaron Robinson told Cecily, who was his girlfriend, that he bludgeoned Vanessa to death with a hammer on April 22nd and transferred her body off the Army base. Aaron allegedly got Cecily to help him dispose of Vanessa's body. The pair allegedly dismembered, burned and buried Vanessa's remains in Bell County. Cecily is currently cooperating with the FBI.

Aaron Robinson committed suicide after he was confronted by police last week about the disappearance of Vanessa. Coward.

Yep, he killed himself and left his girlfriend to take all the heat. Vanessa's family is demanding a congressional investigation into her death.

ABC News reports:

According to an updated criminal complaint, Aguilar cooperated with the FBI in the case by allowing investigators to tape a phone call between her and Robinson on June 30, during which Robinson didn't deny any of the alleged crimes. Aguilar also assisted law enforcement in locating Robinson before he was confronted and died by suicide, according to the document.

Guillen's family has called for a congressional investigation into Guillen's death. Nearly 100 lawmakers have also called for an independent review of Fort Hood's handling of Guillen's disappearance. On Monday, the House Oversight Committee announced it has requested a briefing on the Army's response and investigation into the disappearance and murder of Guillen.

While the Army hasn't commented on a possible motive, Khawam previously said investigators told her that Guillen and Robinson had an argument in the base's armory after she discovered his alleged affair with the estranged wife of a former soldier.

The family has also alleged that a man had walked in on Guillen and watched her as she showered, but the Army said it didn't hasn't found evidence of sexual harassment. On Monday, Efflandt said Army CID will complete that investigation and "take actions against those findings."

Cecily is due back in court on July 14th for a preliminary hearing to determine bond. She's being held at the Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco, a U.S. Marshals representative confirmed to ABC News. If she's convicted, she faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a maximum $250,000 fine.

Vanessa's death has been making waves on social media with people demanding justice for her death. Folks have been protesting the Army does more to find out what exactly happened to Vanessa. The added attention seems to have worked because before the public outcry, it seemed officials were dragging their feet in looking for her.

Prayers to her family and friends that they receive some type of justice.


Photos: Guillen Family/Bell County Sheriff's Office/AP

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