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Don't Touch (Or Regulate) My Hair! Let's Get The Crown Act Passed In ALL 50 States!

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We've partnered with The Crown Act to push to get the bill of the same name passed in all 50 states.  Find out how to join the fight to protect your crown from your employees or school who can fire or expell you all because of how you wear your hair.


The much needed legislation has already passed in 7 states.  Now, let's work to get it passed everywhere.

There's been far too many cases of people getting fired for wearing their own hair that grows out of their heds, locs, dreds, eaves, braids, afros and any other style that "threatens" the status quo of the folks who think straight or hair THEY are used to seeing is the only acceptable norm.

No, how our hair grows out of our heads - just like everyone else's - is valid too.



There's now a petition to push for as many legislators as possible to sponsor bills to get this launched in every state.  Sign it here!

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@theybf_daily & @ybfpolitics have partnered with @thecrownact to push for change on National CROWN Day (7/3), also known as Black Hair Independence Day! Today will be a day of solidarity for the human rights of Black men, women and children to wear their natural hair boldly and proudly, without the fear of being discriminated against in school or the workplace. ⠀ Join the movement and show your support as we celebrate the achievements of The CROWN Act getting legislation passed to protect employees and students from being fired or expelled due to their hair choices and styles. The CROWN Act is already law in 7 states (CA, NY, NJ, VA, CO, WA, MD) and 2 municipalities (Cincinnati, OH & Montgomery County, MD). Let’s help lead the way to doing the same in all others. Sign the petition at our link in bio! #spon

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We're about that action around these parts. So get to signing!


Photos: The Crown Act

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