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ICYMI: Van Jones DENIES Being Secretly Involved In Helping Trump’s Police Reform Executive Order After Being Put On BLAST

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CNN's Van Jones got put on blast by The Daily Beast with accusations that he helped craft Trump's police reform executive order. The political pundit claims the accusations are NOT true. Get it all inside...

So CNN’s Van Jones is working with….TRUMP?! That’s what The Daily Beast claims in a lengthy exposé.

Earlier this week, The Daily Beast reported CNN analyst Van Jones secretly visited the White House to speak with the president’s advisor and his friend/Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to brainstorm ways to frame the order.

The site reports:

According to a knowledgeable White House source, who expressed satisfaction that there were zero leaks, Jones and California human rights attorney Jessica Jackson, who runs #cut50, a prison-reform group that Jones also founded, actively participated with law enforcement officials and White House staffers to help fashion the order and guide the politics of the discussion to what they considered “the sweet spot” between law enforcement and “the reasonable middle” and “the reasonable left.”

The police reform order bans chokeholds in most situations. It will establish a database to more easily share information about an officer who has had complaints for excessive force.

Van – CEO of the REFORM Alliance– went on both “Inside Politics with John King” and “360 with Anderson Cooper,” but he never mentioned he helped craft the bill, which is very questionable.

“The executive order is a good thing, mainly because you saw the support of law enforcement there,” Van said on “Inside Politics.”

”There is movement in the direction of a database for bad cops. We have never had a federal database for bad cops, that’s why all these cops go all over the place doing bad stuff… The chokeholds, that’s common ground now between Nancy Pelosi and Trump. Good stuff there.”

On “360 with Anderson Cooper,” he said:

“I think it’s pushing in the right direction,” Jones told the CNN anchor. “What you got today is, I think, a sign that we are winning,” he added. “Donald Trump has put himself on record saying we need to reform the police department… We are winning! Donald Trump had no plan a month ago to work on this issue at all. The fact that we are now in the direction of moving forward, I think, is good.”

When the 51-year-old – a Yale Law School-trained attorney and former green energy jobs adviser in the Obama administration - got wind of the article, he quickly hopped on Twitter to denounce what was written about him.

“This article is based on false, sensational charges -- apparently designed to get clicks, shares, and likes. I haven’t even visited DC since before the pandemic started — let alone been inside the White House,” Van tweeted.

In a series of tweets, Van said the story was “false” and it should be corrected. Peep his tweets below

Van CC’d journalist Noah Shachtman in his tweets and Noah responded:

”We've included your denial in the story. We've also added quotes on the role you and your org played in the development of the police reform executive order, from the WH source with direct knowledge of the development of that document,” Noah wrote.



Jared Kushner spoke with The Daily Beast about Van’s alleged involvement:

“I find that in politics, people get in uncomfortable situations, and that’s when you get to see what a person’s character really is,” Jared said during a brief phone conversation. “And in a tough situation Van has shown me that he’s got true character. He’s focused on the right things.”


The White House source also shared more deets about Van’s alleged involvement:

But the White House source with knowledge said that “just recently, on the police reform executive order, Van and Jessica and the Reform Alliance, had been working with a lot of the families of people who had been killed by police officers, and we worked very closely with them on the EO.”

The source added: “On the EO, I would say he and Jessica were very helpful.”

“Van worked with us on fashioning things,” the source continued. “Having Van’s and Jessica’s perspective, they knew where the crazy people on the left were, they knew where the reasonable people on the left were, and everywhere in between. And they were helpful in guiding us to a sweet spot where we were able to speak with law enforcement but also do something that a lot of reasonable people in the middle and the reasonable left thought was a major step forward.”

Very interesting.  It seems like Van is either playing semantics about what the word "involved" means, or the White House source is just pulling lies out of then air.

Over the last few years, Van and Jared have seemingly become friends. It’s reported Van is an occasional dinner guest of Jared and Ivanka Trump – daughter of Donald Trump. In fact, Jared introduced Van to Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. You’ll recall, Van accompanied Kim K to the White House when she lobbied to have 63-year-old grandmother, Alice Marie Johnson, released from prison.

Shannon Watts - founder of Moms Demand Action - shared a tweet that perfectly sums up our thoughts:

And that's that on that. Thoughts?!


Photo: lev ravin/Shutterstock.com


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