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Terry Crews Tries To Explain His #BlackLivesBetter Comment After Getting Dragged

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Terry Crews is responding to the backlash he has received after he posted controversial tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement. More inside...

Terry, Terry, Terry.

Terry Crews is doubling down on his controversial comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.  And, honestly, he probably should have just kept this little explanation.

In a tweet this week, the "America's Got Talent" host posted up two tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement and black supremacy, which has folks feeling a type of way.  He told supporters of the movement to make sure they don't turn it into #BlackLivesBetter, then had the audacity to respond to Bernice King (Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter) telling her he's "hoping it stays that way" when she reminded him BLM has nothing to do with blacks being in competition with white people or saying they're better than anyone.

Last night, Terry hit up Roland Martin's news show to explain what he meant after Black Twitter unleashed a dragging of epic proportions.

“I realized that some Black lives matter more than others, because they don’t want me, as a Black man, to talk,” he said. “‘You’re gonna make us look bad.’ But the deal is, I don’t care about how we look. I care about how we are.”

“We have to really examine these things within each other,” Terry said, adding that “colorism” still exists. “This is stuff that I have faced personally, and I just really am tired of actually having to be quiet about it. I love my people so much, and I’m willing to risk it all.”

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor claims he's totally against black men being killed by police. He has being dragged on social media for his comments about the #BlackLivesMatter movement and "black supremacy." He also talked about same sex couples raising children, MLK Jr. being the first to talk about black supremacy and more.

Check it:

Thoughts after his explanation?


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