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RUMOR CONTROL: Tamia Responds To Fabolous’ Throat Surgery Story With A Classy Clapback

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Fabolous shared a story during his Verzuz battle against Jadakiss about Tamia having to undergo throat surgery. Apparently, Tamia has never had throat surgery and served up a classy clapback in response. Check it inside…

Certain folks lie just to lie, don't they?

Last night, New York rappers Fabolous and Jadakiss linked up for a Verzuz battle to go hit-for-hit through their catalogues. Early 2000s Hip Hop heads were geeked and not just the song battle. Fans also love to soak in the tidbits the artists drop in between tracks during the battle.

Fab dropped his classic hit “Into You” and gave some behind-the-scenes tea about why he has two versions of the song - one that features Ashanti and another that features Tamia. “Into You” is sampled from Tamia’s 1998 single “So Into You.”

According to Fab, he wanted to get Tamia on the track, but he claims that since she was getting surgery on her throat, they got Ashanti to do the vocals on the song instead.

“There is a lot of back and forth about how it was Tamia and Ashanti … Tamia is who the original song came from,” Fab explained. “Tamia was getting surgery on her throat at the time, so we got Ashanti to do the song,” he continued. “When we did the video, she was back.”

He went on to explain that Ashanti was too busy to shoot the video, so he reached out to Tamia, who recorded her own version of the track and appeared in the video.

“Ashanti was running around because she was scorching … and it was a little bit Irv, too,” he said. “Shout out to Irv matter of fact, but you know you were supposed to make that happen.”

Peep his explanation below:

By the way, Jada appeared to have been feeling the bubbly! 

In response to Fab's comments about throat surgery, Tamia shared her truth in the classiest way possible: 

The songstress shared a picture of all her albums with the caption, "25 years. 8 albums. 0 throat surgeries."


We all know how the industry likes to make excuses for erasing black women in order to put someone else - even another black woman - in the forefront simply for PR reasons.

"Into You" (ft. Ashanti) peaked at the No.4 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and was there for 26 weeks. Billboard credits both ladies in the charting history. 

Photo: Tamia's IG


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