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City Girls’ JT & Lil Uzi Vert – A Couple? She Claims Her IG Rant About A Toxic Boyfriend Wasn’t About Uzi, So...?

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City Girls rapper JT hopped on social media to pour her heart out about being in a toxic relationship. Now, folks think she and rapper Lil Uzi Vert were in (or still are) in a relationship. Why? Find out inside…

JT experienced heartache and decided to hop on social media to air out her frustrations about "toxic love." And the Internet believes she was ranting about rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

In an Instagram Live, JT opened up about how her man has been treating her, pointing out his toxicity and how he always wants to bring her down.

"It's like… get the f*ck on. Every day, you wanna start with me. You wanna bring me down. You wanna see me cry like every day," she said. “You don’t get tired of that sh*t? What you get out of ruining my life everyday?,” she asked.

JT – who was released from prison in October ’19 – admitted sometimes she fights with insecurity.

“I ain’t gone lie. I’m insecure sometimes. Sometimes I be feeling like I ain’t good enough and all that. But, hoes be out here being needy and I ain’t needy," she continued. 

JT encouraged her fans to leave these toxic men alone (“Don’t run behind these n*ggas”) and she also talked about her post-prison album getting leaked.

Check it out below:

JT then hopped on Twitter and tweeted: "Fuck that dog ass n***a Forever I mean it toxic a** b*tch," she wrote.

Uzi saw the tweet, reposted it and added the emoji with his tongue sticking out. She later deleted the post.

As rap fans speculate on JT and Uzi's situationship, the City Girl rapper hopped on Twitter to explain. She claims her rant was not about Uzi and that she was just being dramatic and drunk. Peep the tweets below:

So are they really a couple or nah?

Photo: JT's IG/Uzi's IG

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