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Leave Marsai Martin ALONE! The 'blackish' Star Reads The Haters For Worrying About Her Hair

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Marsai Martin was minding her business, chillin' in her pool on a cute island-inspired floatie, and appearing on the virtual BET Awards, when messy haters came through to steal her shine...about her hair and her "veneers", of all things.  Her epic response inside.


Chile, Marsai Martin is 15-going-on-16-years-old and could teach a class on how to be unbothered yet able to school the people simultaneously.

While announcing Meg Thee Stallion as a BET Award winner last night, the actress turned TikTok queen debuted her new blonde wiggery to the world.  Everyone - yes, even black girls and black women - have a right to change up their hair and have some fun with new hairstyles.  This isn't a groundbreaking discovery, yet Twitter erupted in judgment about the Little star's new look.

These are just two of the people who had something to say. Both are lawyers, and one specializes in being a child defender. The other then backtracked saying she was simply comparing Marsai's hairstyle to Regina Hall's and wasn't being malicious:

Mmhmm. Let's check our internalized misogyny, folks.


Not only were haters wrong about Marsai having veneers (they're her real teeth - she just wears a retainer after getting her braces off!), but they were wrong to dictate when and how she could wear her hair. 

We all know hair is a sensitive subject, even though it shouldn't be.  But it is for these exact reasons - because everybody feels entitled to publicly tell black girls and women what they can, can't, should or shouldn't do with their hair. Yet, we don't see that play out as much, or ever, with white women or women of ANY other race or culture.

Yet and still, little sis handled the people perfectly:


Talk your ish queen.

Let Marsai live and go find a way to become the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history like she did.




Photos: Marsai's IG

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