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Alex Fine Goes OFF On Aurora DA Dave Young Over Elijah McClain Case + Colorado Gov. Reopens The Case!

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Alex Fine is fed up with Aurora district attorney Dave Young and he’s letting him know exactly how he feels about him. Just recently, Dave Young defended his decision to not file charges against the police officers involved in the Elijah McCain case and Alex is HEATED. More inside…

People have been demanding justice in the death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain. Millions of people have signed an online petition seeking justice for the massage therapist who died following an encounter with police in Aurora, Colorado.

Back in August, Elijah was walking home after getting tea from the store. He was wearing a ski mask to keep his face warm due to him having a blood condition that caused him to get cold easily. Someone called the police on him for suspicious activity, so they stopped him. The cops ended up putting Elijah in a choke hold (which they admitted to doing), pinned him down for over 15 minutes, and they also injected him with ketamine to sedate him.

Elijah was hospitalized and placed on life support after he suffered a heart attack and fell into a coma. A few days after his encounter with police, he was removed from life support by his family.

District Attorney Dave Young originally decided against charging the officers in November, according to Colorado Politics, determining there was insufficient evidence to provide the force used by police was excessive. And he's still defending his decision. He said he's not reopening the case unless he receives new evidence.

In a CNN interview, Young said he didn't agree with the way the officers handled the situation, but there wasn't enough evidence to bring up charges on the officers involved.

“I’m not here to condone their actions. In fact, I disagree with what they did on the night of Aug. 24, 2019,” said Young, referring to the officers involved in the incident. “I have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the action of those officers killed Elijah McClain,” said Young, “in my business, I can’t take that case to court if we don’t know those answers. It’s as simple as that.”

“I wish they sat in their car and watched him walk home. Elijah McClain would be alive right now.”

So, that means they killed him! If he believes Elijah would still be alive had the police never stopped him then he doesn't believe his own lies, obviously.

According to KDVR, the coroner said he could not rule out multiple possibilities, including the officers’ actions as contributors to Elijah’s death.

Alex Fine - Cassie's husband - knows DA Dave Young all too well and he wants the people in Aurora to come together to get him out of his position of power. In an Instagram post, Alex talked about the Elijah McCalin story and pointed out that Dave Young is problematic AF.

"I don't know Elijah personally, but I do know Dave," he said.

Four years ago, Alex's mother was "beaten severely by her boyfriend at the time," who happened to be a college football coach at the University of Colorado. The University, the NCAA and Dave were able to turn five felony counts into one misdemeanor for the college coach. Alex says D.A. Young tried to run a smear campaign against his mother, who was a school counselor and Dean of Students.

Alex said Dave will do anything to protect cops, coaches and his circle of friends

"It was pretty heartbreaking. I didn't know what to do back then. I still don't know what to do right now," he said.

Alex then talked about how a cop in Aurora handcuffed a woman and raped her. Dave "gave him a slap on the f***** wrist and gave him 90 days."

"He is the devil walking on earth.You can take my word for that. Dave Young is the devil walking on earth," he said. "F*ck Dave Young. F*ck Aurora PD. This needs to be handled by the people. We need to come together, think of a solution and get that man out," he said.


Peep the clip below:


Say that!

Amid the outcry, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis recently decided to designate Attorney General Phil Weiser as a special prosecutor to investigate the death of Elijah McClain. Much needed and appreciated. If the facts support prosecution, Weiser would also criminally charge any individuals whose actions caused Elijah’s death.

“I was moved by speaking with Elijah’s mother and her description of her son as a responsible and curious child who became a vegetarian to be healthier, and who could inspire the darkest soul,” Gov. Polis said in a statement. “His friends describe him as a gentle peacemaker who worked as a massage therapist and enjoyed playing the violin. Elijah McClain should be alive today, and we owe it to his family to take this step and elevate the pursuit of justice in his name to a statewide concern.”

“Whenever someone dies after an encounter with law enforcement, the community deserves a thorough investigation,” Weiser said in a statement. “Our investigation will be thorough, guided by the facts, and worthy of public trust and confidence in the criminal justice system."

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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District attorneys have enormous power in the justice system. It is up to them to decide if and when a felonious case is brought to a grand jury. It is up to them to decide if unscrupulous police officers and serious alleged criminals are brought up on charges. ⠀ This means a D.A. controls whether justice can even begin to be served in cases involving very serious crimes, elected officials, and more. ⠀ Let’s break down the stark differences in how the Ahmaud Arbery & Elijah McClain cases have been handled. And why the D.A. - and elected position - plays such a large role in getting justice for victims. VOTE accordingly! ⠀ ⠀ Please note: D.A. Dave Young’s only opposition (as mentioned on slide 10), is a republican candidate for D.A. This creates a sticky situation for progressives.

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We connect the dots between positions of power and how we use knowledge of those positions to strategize toward solutions (like pushing for a special prosecutor to take over instead of D.A. Young who arguably mishandled getting justice for Elijah).


Photo: Cassie's IG

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