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YIKES! Another 7-11 Karen Gets SLAPPED After Calling Black Woman The N-Word

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Karen strikes again! And she got the crap smacked out of her for using the n-word. Watch the video inside…

Karen learned THIS day!

A white woman got her a** handed to her after she called a black woman a “n*gger” inside of 7-11 convenience store. And the heated exchange was captured on video.

In the clip, you see a white woman and black woman going back and froth. It’s unclear what initially started the argument, but it ended in Scaramento Karen getting POPPPED. The black woman accused the white woman of calling her “n***er” and sis was NOT about to let Karen slide saying that ish.

Sacaremento Karen was even warned before she got beat down. The black woman in the video warned Karen if she said the racial slur to her again, she "would beat her a**". Well, Karen tested this woman’s gangsta and learned a lesson she’ll never forget. Watch their exchange below:



According to TMZ, the police were called and the white woman got treated by medical workers for minor injuries. The black woman left the scene. At least the white woman shared responsibility in why she caught those hands. She told police it was a "mutual fight and took responsibility for her part in it." She told police she didn't want to file a complaint, however, the next day she contacted cops and decided to file a report.  Of course.

As of now, no one has reportedly been charged or arrested. TMZ reported that the husband of the victim is claiming the black woman was arrested for assault, but the site hasn't been able to confirm the arrest yet.

This incident comes on the heels of another "Karen" recent incident in Phoenix, Arizona. A white woman named Tamara Harrian got into an argument with another woman - who was Native American and whose name is Karina Rodriguez - and told her to "go back to Mexico." The argument began out of the blue as Karina was simply payng for her items when Tamara walked up and started yelling racial verbal attacks at her.  Their interaction resulted in the Phoenix Karen getting SLAPPED for grabbing Karina when she tried to walk away from the foolishness.

Watch it go down below:



Here's what the woman who slapped Phoenix Karen had to say about the incident below:

Trump has these Karens out here acting a FOOL! However, they are being CHECKED!



Photo: TMZ screenshot


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