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Bow Wow Was Just Called Out For Being A F––k Boy, And, Well... (EXCLUSIVE)

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On an upcoming episode of "Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta", Bow Wow gets some truth serum from his homie Ayana. She straight up reads him for the f––k boy he appears to be and, yeah. Watch inside.

We're glad somebody is doing the Lord's work and telling Mr. Shad Moss about himself. 

While the rapper, actor and host has been locked down at home - and single - during the pandemic, it has him rethinking life a little bit. Semi-solitude will do that to you. On tonight's premiere of Bow's special "Growing Up Hip Hop: ATL" spinoff about him getting his life together while in quarantine, he finally sees the foolery of his ways.


"I feel like because you are my friend, I really haven' been able to see that you are really a f__k boy. I been blinded because you've been my friend, but I need to let you know you really are a f__k boy.  You do not take responsibility for anything you put women through."

YUP.  And YUP.

He claimed Ayana's the realest for always telling him about himself, but he still laughed it off.  HEARTILY.

"Look, you think it's a joke. That's a sign of a f__k boy.  You don't take nothing serious."


She went on to tell him, "You degrade women.  Yes, you do."

Since Bow wanted to act shocked and appalled by what she said, she asked him if he thinks he's a stand up guy.  He said yes, when he's in a relationship.  She asked him if he was faithful, and that's when things got murky.


"I can NOT cheat. I can stop. I just think I haven't found the one that makes me like, Oh My God, so head over heels for her..."

Ayanna quickly reminded him that he can simply not get into the relationship if he knows she's not the one he can forgo all other women for, and just do his thing as he pleases.

At what point do people realize THEIR choices have nothing to do with the person they're with not being enough? That's a problem with self.  Cheaters and f-boys, fix yourself before entering into a monogamous relationship with anyone.  Please and thank you.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek from tonight's episode below:



"Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta" - the Bow Wow quarantine special - airs tonight at 9p ET/CT on WeTV.

Swipe through the receipts, i.e. all of Bow Wow's ruined relationships, below.

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