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YBF POLITICS: Natasha Sits Down With Dr. Cameron Webb, Candidate for U.S. Congress

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Today is the Virginia Primary! There's a candidate who checks all the boxes, and even those boxes not on people's list because most people don't accomplish all that he has. Natasha sits down with practicing physician, lawyer, sneakerhead, a former Obama White House fellow, and believer of calling out male privilege and white privilege, Dr. Cameron Webb, as he competes to become the next U.S. Congressman from Virginia.


He does the work, even without an elected title.  He was intentional about becoming an expert at both the law and medicine simply to be able to merge his expertise to create actual change for his community. He is also an assistant professor of medicine and a director of health policy and equity at the University of Virginia.  All before 40. And the ish is impressive.


Yet and still, it's an uphill battle for Dr. Cameron Webb to flip VA blue.  The U.S. Congressional candidate for Virginia's 5th district  - who holds both a J.D. & M.D. - is in the running to become the first black physician in Congress (aside from Virgin Islands Rep. Dr. Donna Christian-Christensen who did not have voting power). He would need to win his Democratic primary first (VA primaries are TODAY!), then face the Republican nominee in a historically red district – which Dr. Webb says is red mainly due to voter suppression. He's got some leverage too since the Republican incumbent lost his primary.  Now, the Democratic nominee will not have to compete in the general election against someone with instant name recognition.



Why are Dr. Webb's credentials important?  Because we are enraged daily about the inequalities in our healthcare system and our society that leads to such pandemics like Covid-19 disproportionately affecting black people. 

Dr. Webb believes the solution to righting those inequalities lies in equalizing healthcare for women and the black community.  And the former White House Health Care Team member & fellow under Obama is using his legal & political expertise to do so.

The husband (his wife is just as amazing as him, btw) and father of 2 is giving us the blueprint on how he plans to change some things.  He's calling out male privilege, injustices, racism and inherent bias displayed by the medical community.  That bias shows up especially against black women - hence the black maternal death crisis and us often feeling like our symptoms are ignored even by our internists.

Dr. Cameron's already BEEN doing this work as a practicing physician.  (Yes, Natasha asked for specifics on how and she got them.) So, he's got a plan or 5 on how to change it all.

Natasha and Dr. Cameron also talk about his solutions to voter suppression, how to folks elected in states & districts you don't live in, using his own male privilege to elevate women in the medical field and beyond, why women doctors outnumber male doctors, convincing his wife to allow him to go BACK to school for another 3 years to cop his law degree (lol), balancing fatherhood, service and being a practicing physician, his bomb impact he had on Obama's White House Medical Team & being a White House fellow for 44, and plenty more.


Natasha also got him to dish on how he met "the strongest person he knows," his wife of 11 years, Dr. Leigh-Ann, who is an ER physician and also holds an M.B.A.  Their black love story is one for the books! Yup, we took notes because, chile, we all need to know how to meet our own Dr. & Attorney McCharming. Father God, we've seen what you have done for others...

He's an inspirational person we want to see win, whether he moves to D.C. in January or not.  Knowledgeable, yet overly aware of the systemic oppression in health that affects ALL aspects of our lives.  He's a change agent that we need in our corner, no matter the platform.


Virginia, you're up!  Primary elections are TODAY (June 23rd, 2020)! Polls are open until 7 p.m. ET.  Find your polling place HERE.

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