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WATCH: Natasha Sits Down With Senate Hopeful Jaime Harrison – Lindsey Graham's Unlikely Opponent - For First Interview In The #YBFPOLITICS Vertical!

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YBF's Founder & Podcast host Natasha Eubanks sat down with progressive U.S. Senate Candidate Jaime Harrison of South Carolina, who is at the neck of the infamously conservative Senator Lindsey Graham in the polls. And we love to see it. Natasha learned why Jaime's new clout is WELL deserved. Watch or listen inside!

It's the unlikeliest of circumstances happening right before our eyes. A black, Democratic Marvel comics lover basically within fingernail distance of one of the most infamous and staunchly conservative Senators of our time. In South Carolina. In 2020.

Jaime Harrison is a rising star, who blows most other candidates out the water with his credentials without even trying. But we all know that rarely matters when 60-something year old lauded white men hold court in the political game. The privilege is palpable, but this time, it might not cut it.

Just days after Senator Graham's messy Twitter debacle (you know the one), Jaime continued his (digital) campaign rounds and focused only on his own message. And we're glad he did. The South Carolina native went back home after copping multiple degrees, marrying an equally degreed wife, Marie, and plenty of experience in the White House as an intern and then a fellow under President Obama. He also put his Yale and Georgetown Law degrees to use, passing on his passion for politics to high schoolers as a social studies teacher.

After becoming the first black Democratic Party Chair in South Carolina, the 44-year-old is now primed to flip equality-hating Lindsey Graham's blood-red Senate seat blue. And we stan.


Candidates do tons of interviews on the campaign trail, but rarely are they challenged about what SPECIFIC policy they will introduce to address issues directly affecting black women. That's where Natasha steps in.

From oppressive systemic loan regulations that keep entrepreneurial black women from flourishing with the same ease as their white counterparts, to his views on defunding the police, to the systemic reasons the housing crisis disproportionately affects even those of us who do earn quite a pretty penny, they talk about it all! They also chop it up about that time they both (unknowingly) worked with - in different capacities - a certain party switching, ish stirring Louisiana Congressman.  (Imagine, being a proud black progressive and finding out the man you've been stomping for all over the country [Jaime] or employed by [Natasha] makes a midnight announcement that he's switching to the Republican party.  Wigs were SPLIT in that Capitol hallway, ok?!  I-MA-GINE!)

By the way, Jaime ALREADY has organizations up and running to address complaints & community issues - before he even sees his name on the ballot in November.


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You can learn more about Jaime and donate to his campaign HERE!


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