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Folks Are Giving MasterClasses On How To Read The Racists - And No, Connie The Coward Councilwoman Still Hasn't PROPERLY Apologized

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If reading a racist were TWO people, they would be Baton Rouge activist Gary Chambers Jr. and author/activist Kimberly Jones. Watch Gary savagely rip East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member Connie Bernard and Kimberly break down her epic “Race In America” video that went viral inside…

We've all been pretty fed up with the blatant racism in repsonse to black America saying NOT ON OUR WATCH...ANYMORE.  We know things usually get worse before they get better, but sheesh.

Now, a few people who've recently gone viral for calling racism out. Gary Chambers Jr. and Kimberly Jones served up MASTERCLASSES on how to CHECK these racists.

A video of Baton Rouge activist Gary Chambers Jr. ripping East Baton Rouge Parish school board member Connie Bernard a new one went viral over the weekend. He was sharing his unfiltered and uncut opinions in support of changing the name of a high school named after Confederate general Robert E. Lee in the district after he caught her shopping online during the school board meeting. And it was EPIC.

Watch him read Connie The Coward School Board member like a Bible after he caught her online shopping during the meeting below:

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I told Connie Bernard to her face she needed to resign from the East Baton Rouge School board. • She was shopping while citizens were speaking about changing the name of Lee High. She was a school board member 4 years ago when they voted to keep Lee associated with the school. Then she chocked a teenager in his home in 2018, she should’ve resigned then. Then she got on TV last week telling Black folks we needed to learn more of Lee’s history. • When we don’t confront elected officials we give them permission to disrespect us and to devalue us. Connie needs to resign. I stand on that. If you think her actions are unacceptable send an email to the members of the board encouraging Connie to resign. • Speak truth to power, stand on your convictions, let NONE of them slide, and #KeepPushing. We got work to do. • I love US for real. We won the vote to change the name of Lee High, but the work continues until Connie is gone. • Email the board: dtatman@ebrschools.org, cbernard@ebrschools.org, mgaudet@ebrschools.org, jdyason@ebrschools.org, ewarejackson@ebrschools.org, dcollins1@ebrschools.org, thoward4@ebrschools.org, dlanus@ebrschools.org, mbellue@ebrschools.org.

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From the moment he walked up to the podium, you already KNEW it was about to be some ish.

“I had intended to get up here and talk about how racist Robert E. Lee was, but I’m going to talk about you, Connie. Sitting over there shopping while we’re talking about Robert E. Lee. This is a picture of you shopping while we’re talking about racism and history in this country," Gary said in the video, holding up the image of her shopping online (below).

"You should walk out of here and resign and never come back because you are the example of racism in this community. You are horrible,” he continued.

Gary also called out black leaders who don't make decisions in the best interest of black people:

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We don’t elect people to vote their conscious. We elect them to vote the will of the people. When they don’t vote the will of the people we should send them home. Black or white. Man or Woman. Just before this vote I asked the Black board members to stay in solidarity. After we successfully pushed for Lee High to be removed as the name of a school, and in the same meeting one of US helped those who have worked against our community consistently. Baton Rouge is a city that is 56% Black. The school system is 81% Black. The school district has only had 1 Black woman serve as superintendent and last night School board member Dawn Chanet Collins was the single Black School board member to vote against a Black woman with a PHD to lead EBR Schools. EBR School system is 81% Black. Dawn went against overwhelming support for Dr. Towns. Not a single person spoke for Brown. She never even said why she was supporting Brown. Now that people are calling her out for it, she’s released a statement. The time to speak on why you voted against a highly educated Black woman, a Black woman with more education than the majority of the people voting on the decision. Do you hear me. Most of the school board members don’t even have as much education as this woman and they voted for a white woman with less skills to lead a school district that is 81% Black. Think about that. Two years ago Dawn voted against a Black man for Vice President of the school board because she wanted to be VP. We almost didn’t get the second Black man who was nominated into the position because still, she felt she should’ve been the board VP because she served on the board longer. I had to call her out then to do the right thing. Two years ago. So this is a pattern. It’s time out for Black leaders who think they know better than the rest of us. We elect them to VOTE THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Not their personal conscious. Voting your conscious suggest they know better than us, and it’s wrong. I need your memory to be long. Remember that Dawn voted against a Black woman to lead this school district that is 81% Black. Continued in comments.

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He better SAY THAT! The school board meeting ended with Connie the Coward School Board member storming out after that verbal lashing. Womp.

NBA baller LeBron James even retweeted the video:

Gary went on "Morning Joe" to talk about his passionate speech:


The Baton Rouge activist also spoke to TMZ about the viral video:


And this isn't the first time Gary has called Connie out. He's BEEN on her a** for comments she made in support of keeping the name of the high school. Peep her comments below:

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Connie Bernard should’ve resigned in 2018, she absolutely should resign now. Connie again has shown who she is. She’s defending Robert E. Lee as if he was a good man. He was a horrible person who helped cause the death of thousands of Americans to uphold the rights of states to keep African people enslaved in America. • East Baton Rouge Parish school system is 80% Black and Bernard believes we should keep a school named after a man who fought to keep slavery. There isn’t a single public school attended by children in Baton Rouge named after someone Black. That needs to change in a city that is 56% Black. • We are either tearing down white supremacy or we aren’t. History will judge us for what we do in this moment. Use your voice to let EBR Schools know it’s time for change. Also let Connie know it’s time for her to resign. We’ve had enough of her poor leadership. • Make her famous, so the world know some Karen’s are like Connie. #KeepPushing share and send an email. • Change the named Lee High and resign Connie. dtatman@ebrschools.org, cbernard@ebrschools.org, mgaudet@ebrschools.org, jdyason@ebrschools.org, ewarejackson@ebrschools.org, dcollins1@ebrschools.org, thoward4@ebrschools.org, dlanus@ebrschools.org, mbellue@ebrschools.org.

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Gary has been calling for her resignation since 2016 after Connie was captured on video grabbing a young person's neck after walking inside their home and demanding he and his friends stop partying.

Now, the school board is calling for 

The Baton Rouge School Board is now reportedly calling for her resignation. Tramelle D. Howard - Vice President of the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board - told TMZ, "Myself and other members are asking for the immediate resignation of our colleague this week."

#YouAboutToLoseYoJob strikes again.

Mr. Howard said if Connie does not resign, volunteers will go door to door in her district to get enough signatures from her constituents to have her removed from office. This afternoon, Connie said she would NOT resign from the school board.

Earlier, she apologized for the comments she made in support of not changing the school's name.

“My comments last week about the naming of Lee High School were insensitive, have caused pain for others, and have led people to believe I am an enemy of people of color, and I am deeply sorry,” Connie said in a statement to The Advocate.

“Until Connie Bernard is off the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, we still have work to do,” Gary said.

And he's going to see to it. 


Activist/author Kimberly Jones captivated social media when a video of her explaining "Race In America" went viral. Peep the powerful clip above. TRUST, you def want to watch it in its entirety.

The young adult author/director recently linked up virtually with "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah to unpack her emotional viral video that had people on social media singing her praises. Along with sharing how the video came about, Kimberly also talked about the injustices Black people face beyond the headlines and her novel “I’m Not Dying with You Tonight." Peep the clip below:



Protect these activists at ALL COSTS!

Photo: Gary's IG

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