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FBI & DOJ Investigate Noose Found In Bubba Wallace’s Garage – NASCAR’s Only Black Full-Time Driver Holds Back Tears + MAGA Fans Call Him Jussie Smollett

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Racists tried to get in Bubba Wallace’s head by leaving a noose in his garage ahead of a NASCAR race, but it only added fuel to his fire! The FBI & DOJ are now investigating to find the racist culprit. Both Bubba & NASCAR have responded. Get it all inside….


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Racists are working overtime!

Yesterday, someone left a NOOSE in the garage stall of driver Bubba Wallace – NASCAR’s only black full-time driver – before today’s race - NASCAR Cup Series GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. Now, federal authorities are stepping in to investigate.

"The U.S. Attorney's office for the Northern District of Alabama, FBI and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division are reviewing the situation surrounding the noose that was found in Bubba Wallace's garage to determine whether there are violations of federal law," US Attorney Jay E. Town https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/22/us/nascar-noose-bubba-wallace-spt-trnd/in... ">said in statement.

"Regardless of whether federal charges can be brought, this type of action has no place in our society,” he continued.

Whomever put the noose in his garage had to be someone from the race teams, NASCAR officials, security and health and safety personnel since the area where the noose was found is restricted to essential personnel. NASCAR was asked about camera footage, but they did not comment.

NASCAR also issued a statement to confirm they have launched their own investigation and let fans know that they are taking the situation seriously.

"We are angry and outraged, and cannot state strongly enough how seriously we take this heinous act," NASCAR's statement read. "We have launched an immediate investigation, and will do everything we can to identify the person(s) responsible and eliminate them from the sport."

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Leading up to this incident, Bubba was very vocal about his support of the Black Lives Matter movement. He recently repainted his race car with “Black Lives Matter” written on the side it and he wore an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt before an event in Martinsville, Virginia a few weeks ago.

Earlier this month, Bubba called on NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag from its events and they racing organization agreed to do so on June 10th . Yesterday, there were some protesters flying Confederate flags outside the venue in Talladega, Alabama. A Confederate flag with a "Defund NASCAR" banner was spotted flying over the track and Confederate memorabilia was also being sold across the street.

The “Good Ol Boys” are big MADT. However, their antics “will not break” Bubba.

The 26-year-old responded to the racism in a tweet where he said the "despicable act" left him "incredibly saddened and serves as a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism."

"This will not break me, I will not give in nor will I back down. I will continue to proudly stand for what I believe in," he continued.

Check it:



Before today’s race, the other NASCAR drivers are expected to do a demonstration during the National Anthem to show solidarity with Bubba:




The overwhelming support from the other NASCAR drivers brought him to tears. They pushed his car to the front of the field.



Watch it all go down below:

Whew.  He's too fine to cry.   Leave Bubba alone!

Bubba's mother - Desiree Wallace - believes it was an "insider," but prays it's not someone from his team.

"This is not his first incident,” Desiree Wallace said. “If he gets into it with another driver they’re quick to bring out the n-word. There were video cameras but there were not cameras where the noose was hung," she told Joe Madison on SiriusXM's The Black Eagle. See everybody thinks there are cameras around there, they know who done it. Unfortunately it's not that simple...It is an insider as far as NASCAR. I'm just praying that it's not one of his team members."

Listen below:

Of course, MAGA believes Bubba is lying about the noose. They were very vocal on Twitter, dubbing him “Jussie Smollet.” As you know, the former “Empire” star said he was attacked by two racist men who tied a noose around his neck. Earlier this year, a special prosecutor hit him with six new counts of disorderly conduct.

Swipe through some of the comments below:


The comments comparing Bubba Wallace to Jussie Smollett just demonstrate racism and dismissiveness of black humanity at work. And THIS is exactly why people are protesting.



Photo: AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee/John Bazemore

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