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So, It's Happening. Meet America's First Black 'Bachelor' In The Franchise's 18-Year History

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It only took 3,000 years and 800 seasons for it to happen. But America has its first black lead of "The Bachelor" franchise.  ABC made the announcement loudly and proudly today, but plenty of folks see it as quite the convenient timing.  Deets inside on Mr. Matt James and the controversial response to his casting.



Well well well. "The Bachelor" has announced its first black Bachelor in franchise history. The lucky (well, that's yet to be seen) guy who will be fawned over or fought over by a group of women thirsty for camera time or a relationship is Matt James, a 28-year-old real estate broker, Wake Forest alum, entrepreneur and community organization founder who is also biracial.




Fans took notice that the timing is, indeed, quite convenient.  It’s definitely a first time move to announce the next Bachelor before fans ever even see how the prior season of "The Bachelorette" plays out, as this would be a dead giveaway he wasn’t chosen by the season prior's Bachelorette if he was on that season (which, Matt was indeed cast for).



Matt was actually cast on the upcoming "Bachelorette", Claire Crawley’s, season, but production on it has been delayed due to Covid-19. So fans do not yet even know who Matt, a former professional football player, is exactly. It's clear, though, he didn't win Claire's heart if they began filming already. It's possible they pulled him from the pool of bachelor suitors and won't have him film for the Bachelorette, since ABC reps claim they "got to know him" during this time time and thought he would be perfect.

Did you really, ABC? 

We see Matt's also great friends with former popular Bachelorette suitor Tyler Cameron, so, it's not like Matt is completely new to this. He has tons of pics of them together on his IG:

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As for what the racial make-up of his pool of suitors will be, which is fully controlled by production, that's up for grabs. But folks have a few guesses.



He seems to be a good guy with plenty of friends, diverse interests (surfing, skateboarding, kids, food, golf and football), and a love for giving back. He even established a football scholarship at his alma mater after someone paved the way for him:



Another issue people have, though, is about the timing of this casting.  A petition with THOUSANDS of signatures, as well as former first black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, have called out the show for never casting a black Bachelor in its 40 season history.  There was no recognition or acknowledgment of the blatant exclusionary practice in today's announcement.  ABC basically just said, "Hey - Here's our (very rushed so we capitalize off the current Black Lives Matter movement) announcement!"  Nothing much more, nothing much less. 



The network and producers haven't yet explained why they ignored calls for diversity for the last 18 years, though it seems they were more than willing to capitalize off this "safer" time to add a black leading man to the mix.

Congrats Matt!

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