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Terry Crews Tries To Make Amends With Gabrielle Union, Then Gets Dragged For ‘Black Supremacy’ Comments

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Terry Crews hopped on Twitter to make amends with Gabrielle Union after he seemingly through her under the bus amid her racism claims at “America’s Got Talent.” Also, he has been getting dragged for trying to explain “black supremacy.” Sighs…

Everything inside…

Terry Crews…oh, Terry Crews.

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star decided to hop on Twitter to address everything that’s been going amid the death of George Floyd.

Terry decided to try and make amends with his former “America’s Got Talent” co-worker Gabrielle Union, issuing an apology to her via Twitter. You’ll recall, when Gabby came out with racism accusations behind-the-scenes at “AGT,” host Terry Crews said the absolute opposite. He made it seem like Gabby was making things up by saying “AGT” was one of the most diverse workplaces he has ever worked at and that he didn’t experience any racism.







No word from Gabby, but yeah, he can save it.

Oh…and then he said some foolishness about “black supremacy.”



“Please know that everything I've said comes from a spirit of love and reconciliation, for the Black community first, then the world as a whole, in hopes to see a better future for Black people,” Terry tweeted.

Black supremacy? Terry, just stop. STAWP.

Peep more of his tweets below:





He also explained what he meant by black supremacy:



Ummm ... OK.

Meanwhile, Gabby’s husband Dwyane Wade claims his family has been being stalked after Gabby spoke out about racism behind-the-scenes at “AGT.” She recently filed a complaint against NBC Universal, “AGT” creator Simon Cowell, Fremantle and Syco.

"When these negotiations started my house started being watched and my family started being followed," D. Wade tweeted. “My daughter couldn't even go to swim class without us being trailed by people looking for answers. Well y'all have the answers and y'all still don't wanna listen to them," he continued.

And he’s stanning for his woman.

"Y'all have deemed her a liar after months of trying to inform y'all of the issues in the work place and also make sure other employees of color that comes after her won't have the same experiences,” he continued.





Details of Gabby's complaint against the "AGT" producers, Simon Cowell and more are HERE.


Photos: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com

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