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NFL Player Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against United Airlines After Woman Made Unwanted Sexual Advances

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An unidentified NFL player has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines. He claims a woman sexual harassed and assaulted him on a flight and flight attendants ignored numerous complaints. Details inside…

It’s not everyday you hear about an NFL player filing a lawsuit for sexual assault. It’s usually the other way around. However, one NFL player is taking matters into his own hands after a woman couldn’t keep her hands off of him during an alleged assault.

An unidentified NFL player has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines, making claims that he was sexually assaulted and harassed by a female passenger on a redeye flight in February from Los Angeles to New Jersey. In fact, another man – who remains anonymous - is also suing the airline due to the woman’s unwanted sexual advances.

According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the anonymous NFL player and man are seeking unspecified compensatory damages and punitive damages since United Airlines failed to enforce polices and procedures that protect passengers from assault.

The New York Times reports the plaintiffs are two African-American men and the female passenger is a middle aged white woman. Hmph.

In the suit, it’s said the two men were seated in the middle and aisle seats and the woman was seated in the window seat in the same row. The lawsuit said the female passenger had been under the influence of alcohol and drugs during the flight and soon as she boarded the plane, she was harassing the NFL players about his face mask.

“Assailant accosted John Doe 1 (the NFL player) and told him that he was ‘frightening,’ ordered him to move to the front and use the air in the front of the plane because he was sick, and questioned why John Doe 1 had a mask on,” the lawsuit said. “John Doe 1 respectfully responded that he was not sick and was being proactive, especially in the wake of the growing Covid-19 concerns at that time.”

Then, allegely, she got way out of line groping the player’s knees and thighs. He asked her to stop, but claims she didn’t listen. She then allegedly reached inside the player’s jacket and caressed his chest. It’s alleged the woman grabbed the NFL player's genitals and pulled the mask off his face.

The NFL player got up to complain to flight staff and that’s when the woman allegedly groped the other man. It’s reported the men made three separate complaints to flight staff before she was moved to a different seat.

United Airlines gave both men a $150 voucher, but that wasn’t enough for the men, so now, they’re suing.


Photo: David J. Phillip via AP

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