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WE NEED TISSUES! Flex Alexander’s Emotional Story About Borrowing Money To Take Shanice On Anniversary Date Will Have You Bawling Your Eyes Out!

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Lawd! Flex Alexander has us all in our feelings after sharing how he had to borrow money from a friend to take his wife, Shanice, out to celebrate their anniversary during a time when they were going through financial troubles. Grab some tissues and catch the Black Love feels inside…

Tough times don’t last always, thankfully. And when you come out on the other side of whatever it was you were going through; it makes you appreciate those in your life who make sure you’re good.

Actor Flex Alexander and his wife/singer Shanice were having financial issues over a decade ago. Things were so bad, there was a time when he couldn’t even afford to take her out on their anniversary.

Their financial downfall is no secret to their fans. In the past, the couple talked about their financial struggles - having to file for bankruptcy and being evicted from their home - on their OWN reality show “Flex & Shanice.”

During an Instagram Live for Black Love’s “Currency Conversation,” Flex and Shanice joined friend/actor Chris Spencer and his wife Vanessa Rodriguez Spencer the couples opened up about how they’ve navigated married life and finances.

Flex revealed that during the time they fell on hard times, Chris stepped in to help him make a memorable night for his wife so they could celebrate their anniversary. Chris loaned Flex $350 so he could take Shanice out for some fun.

The tears started flowing from Flex’s eyes as he shared the story, causing Chris to get chocked up. And it was amazing to see. Shanice was completely unaware of the situation until Flex shared during the interview and she began crying as well. The Black Love & Brotherly Love was at an all time high in the clip and it was definitely a moment we needed.

Check it:



We can't even.

Flex and Shanice were able to fix their fiances and are now closer than ever. We wish them nothing but the best!

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