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Two Shocking Videos Surface Of Ahmaud Arbery Being Harassed (Almost Tasered) & Arrested In 2017

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Videos of two separate incidents of Ahmaud Arbery being harassed by police back in 2017 have surfaced. In one clip, a police officer tried to use a taser on him despite him following their orders and having his hands up. Peep the shocking videos inside…

Bodycam footage of two run-ins Ahmaud Arbery had with police in 2017 have surfaced. And it shows just how the Glynn County Police Department interacted with the 25-year-old before he was murdered by two white men back in March.

As you know, 64-year-old Gregory McMichael (a former Glynn County police officer) and his 34-year-old son Travis McMichael were charged with murder earlier this month after cellphone footage of Ahmaud's murder leaked and went viral.

Now, bodycam footage of two police encounters with Ahmaud have surfaced. It's important to note, Greg McMichael was part of this same police force before he retired.

In one video, Ahmaud is chilling in his car – in a Bruswick, GA park – when a police officer pulls up on him and starts questioning him. The officer asks Ahmaud why he's sitting in the park and Ahmaud tells him he was chilling on his day off, rapping. He says he only got one day off a week and he was sitting in his car alone rapping to an instrumental.

Ahmaud then asks the officer why was he “f*cking with” him and the officer responds there was a lot of drug activity in the area. Ahmaud says he wasn’t involved with any drugs and he was only rapping in his car.

”I ain't got sh*t on me. What the f*ck you f*cking with me for?,” Ahmaud asks.

The officer calls for back up before checking Ahmaud for weapons. He didn’t have any. The officer keeps asking to search his vehicle and Ahmaud wouldn’t allow him to.

A second officer arrives and they’re still asking to search his car. Ahmaud declines. With his hands raised, the second officer attempts to use his taser on Ahmaud, but it malfunctions. Again, both of Ahmaud’s hands are raised.

Ahmaud then gets down on his knees and tells the officers he’s aggravated because they’re accusing him of having drugs when he doesn't. He says he works six days a week and isn’t involved in dealing drugs.

”So, in the car chilling, that’s considered a crime?,” Ahmaud asks.

Ahmaud was not arrested or cited for anything. Peep the clip below:

In another clip...

Another video of Ahmaud interacting police has also surfaced. In this clip (also recorded in 2017), a police officer confronts Ahmaud and three of his friends in a parking lot, questioning them about stealing a 65" television from Walmart shopping center.

"Tell me about the TV,” a police officer asks.

“TV? What? We don’t have any TV,” Ahmaud responds.

They go back and forth about the TV and then the officer asks all four men to sit down.

“Take a seat for what?” Ahmaud asks. “I don’t know nothing about no TV. … I don’t steal no TV.”

A white man then walks over and the officer asks, "It's that one right there with the fur jacket?" - pointing out Ahmaud. The man nods.

Ahmaud says the TV is inside and then says he has a receipt. He tries to get up and that's when they put him in handcuffs before placing him inside of a squad car.

It's reported Ahmaud is taken back to the store with the other three young men. They walk to the back of the store and the video ends. It's unknown the outcome of the shoplifting arrest.

Peep the clip above.

In both videos, Ahmaud isn't caught committing a crime, yet he was being harassed by police. Thoughts?




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Photo: Glynn County Police Department


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