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Bronx Man Arrested For Violating Hawaii’s Lockdown Rules + His Mom Says That’s What He Gets

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A Bronx man was reportedly arrested for violating Hawaii’s quarantine rules. And his mom doesn’t have any sympathy for him. More inside…


When clout chasing lands you in jail away from home!

Tarique Peters – a 23-year-old Bronx man – was arrested in Hawaii for breaking the state’s 14-day quarantine rule due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Visitors have to quarantine for 14 days before they can go out. Not only was he breaking the rules, but he shared everything he was doing on social media. He was out in the Hawaiian streets walking around Waikiki, sunbathing at the beach, and surfing. His actions angered the locals and they called the police on him.

“He allegedly left his hotel room the day he arrived and traveled many places using public transportation,” the attorney general said in a press release. “Authorities became aware of his social media posts from citizens who saw posts of him — on the beach with a surfboard, sunbathing, and walking around Waikiki at night,” according to the release.


Now, he’s stuck in jail on $4,000 bail after he was arrested on Friday (May 15th). He touched down in Hawaii last Monday.

"We appreciate the assistance of local people who spot flagrant violations of our emergency rules on various social media sites and report them to the appropriate authorities,” Hawaii Attorney General Clare Connor said.

Tarique’s mom was interviewed after his arrest and she doesn’t have any sympathy for him. She said she told him to cancel all of his travel plans, he didn’t listen, so that’s what he gets.

“He had no business going there,” his mother, Marcia Peters, told Page Six about her son, Tarique. “The rules are all over. I told him not to travel. I told him not to go. I told him to cancel all his vacation (plans) because he knows what’s going on in America and all over.”

Tarique is stuck behind bars because he nor his mother have the $4,000 bail.

“Where am I going to get $4,000 from? I don’t know that he has $4,000. He ain’t rich like that. We gonna have to work something out,” she said.

Tarique’s Instagram has been removed. Clout Culture makes folks do some crazy things.


Photo: NY Post via Instagram

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