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BAWDY ON THE BEACH: R. Kelly’s Bikini Clad Ex-Girlfriend Azriel Clary Shows Off Her Curves In Steamy Photoshoot

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Azriel Clary is heating up social media with a steamy photoshoot on the beach. See her flicks, plus watch R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend cut up a Versace coat he gifted her inside…

Azriel Clary is on the road to recovering after allegedly being held hostage as one of R. Kelly’s sex slaves/girlfriends.

In January, Azriel - who met R. Kelly when she was 17 - finally decided enough was enough and she broke free from Kelly’s hold after living with him for years. It wasn’t a smooth transition since she and one of Kelly’s other girlfriends – Joycelyn Savagegot into a brawl in the hallway of his Trump Tower apartment in Chicago. But, she got away and has been working on healing herself after all of the trauma she endured.

Since coming home, she has been flexing her vocals skills on her social media accounts. And now, she’s showing off her assets. The aspiring singer showed off her curves in a bikini while serving up model poses on the beach:




Well, alright. 

Days before she posted her bikini photoshoot:

Azriel hopped on YouTube to chat with her fans. During her live stream, she pulled out a Versace jacket R. Kelly gave her and decided to cut it up with a pair of scissors. It was therapy of sorts. She said she's tired of people bashing her for wearing clothes and accessories Kelly gave her before he was arrested on sex abuse and racketeering charges.

"We gone get some therapy out in this motherf*cker. Because I’m tired of motherf*ckers…a f*cking coat didn’t abuse me!…a man did," she said.

Check it at the 42-minute mark above.

The Grammy Award winning singer is reportedly PISSED about Azriel's video of her cutting up the Versace jacket. And he's trying to use that to cop a get out of jail free card.

The Blast reports:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly’s lawyers are attempting to get him released on bond. He has been shut down multiple times in the past month. In his new argument, Kelly says he can’t intimidate one of the alleged victims because she hates him.

The singer says he can’t obstruct justice because there is no way his ex-girlfriend would listen to anything he said.

In his motion, Kelly references the YouTube video writing, “it would be impossible for Mr. Kelly to engage in any obstructive behavior regarding this individual. She has, since leaving Mr. Kelly, created an active, for-profit, social media presence, requesting individuals to subscribe to her Instagram and YouTube channels, where she regularly speaks of how awful he was."

He points the video she uploaded where, “she takes a Versace winter coat that she stole from Mr. Kelly and cuts it up, showering herself in the feather filling.”

Kelly tries to paint Azriel as the bad one, “It is clear from the audio that this was a premeditated stunt to gain viewers, with her mother in the background commenting that they had discussed using a knife and how that would have been much easier than using scissors. The rest of the video, as well as her others, has this Jane Doe talking extensively about her relationship with Mr. Kelly and her status as a victim. She is using her status to promote her brand. Watching all of this, it is obvious that she long ago rejected any allegiance to Mr. Kelly, could not be influenced by him or others acting on his behalf, and that any idea of a fear of obstruction here is simple fantasy.”

In the past couple of weeks, he has made numerous pleas to be released on bond.

Nope. This isn't going to work Kelly.

Here's a few clips of her flexing her vocals and rap bars: 







Let's hope she's getting the help she needs to heal completely.



Photo: Azriel's IG

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