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Queens Do Queen Ish: Jill Scott & Erykah Badu's Verzuz 'Battle' Saw 6 Million People, And It Was The Sexy, Shea Butter, Sage Burning, Soul Cleansing We Needed

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Our edges are greased, scalp is slathered, body shea buttered, soul cleansed and saged, and our shots have been shot in the exes' DMs.  Erykah Badu - straight from Texas - and Jill Scott - live from her Tennessee getaway - had us like that on Mother's Day Eve, and it all paid off to the tune of 6 Million people watching their Verzuz battle.  Get it inside.


Leave it to the ladies to have a (mostly) tech issue-free and completely mutually supportive Verzuz "battle" that wasn't a battle at all.  And if it was, we, the viewers, won that ish.

We had candles lit, wine on deck and we're sure folks were partaking in other ish all night too.

Instagram changed their rules for Live, likely because of events like Verzuz that have been bringing in tons of viewers and shaking up their algorithm  This go round, there was no 1 hour time limit (like a 3 hour limit instead) and the room wasn't capped at 500K like before during Babyface and Teddy Riley's battle. 

The largest amount of folks that were in the Live at once was close to 800,000, and according to Swizz Beatz, the creator of Verzuz, that equates to about 6 million people coming in and out all night.



The ladies went track for track - and if you're fans of them even the deep cuts they played are your ish - and gave us all the life we need it.  A WHOLE entire vibe.

They gave us the inside info about why they both rocked "You Got Me," which Jill wrote before she got on and Erykah picked up and sang the hell out of it.  Jill ended up performing it for the first time ever because Erykah was late for a concert, so she had to stand in for her.

The ladies also reminded folks they NEVER had beef with one another, despite media saying otherwise.  It was definitely all love, and they even had their kids all in the mix singing each other's tracks.

When E's phone battery ran out (none of those 10 people in her house had a charger?!), she was in the middle of playing "Tyrone" and Jill made sure to play it for her while she charged up and came back to the Live.  *cries in queendom*

P.S., the sexiness was on a whole other level.  And even First Lady Michelle Obama slid thru and made sure to @ Barack Obama.  He knows wassup.


The moment that playlist dropped on music platforms, y'all already know....  Yessiree!


Next up on Verzuz: Nelly vs. Ludacris and Bone Thugs N Harmony vs. Three Six Mafia.


Photos: Shutterstock.com


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