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Here’s Doja Cat’s Dad's Odd Explanation Why He's Never Met Her + Doja & Nicki Minaj’s New ‘Say So Remix’ Dance Visuals

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Doja Cat has been very vocal about her father’s absence. In fact, she’s never met him even though Whoopi Goldberg has. Hear his odd explanation as to why he has never met his daughter in person, plus check out Doja and Nicki Minaj’s new “Say So Remix” dance visuals inside…


Doja Cat is quickly becoming a fan favorite in music. She’s like a pop star that can rap over dope beats and she always spits some catchy metaphors. She recently copped her first platinum plaque for her infectious song “Say So” that was also a big hit on TikTok.

While her career is taking off, her family life hasn’t been all peaches and cream. Her father is Dumisani Dlamini, a South African actor and film producer. He actually starred in the 1992 musical drama Sarafina! opposite Whoopi Goldberg.

Recently, Doja got the chance to meet Whoopi where she shared with her that her father starred in Sarafina! The HOT PINK singer/rapper noted that Whoopi had a chance to meet her father and she still hasn’t been able to meet him face-to-face. Despite this bit of information, “The View” co-host said he was a good man. Oh.

Peep their exchange below:



After wrapping up Sarafina!, Doja’s dad lived in the United States for about 15 years. That’s when he met and fell in love with Doja’s mother - Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer (who is a painter). They had two children together. Apparently, Dumisani was home sick and moved back to South Africa, but he left his family behind. He claims it was always his plan to bring them, but it never happened.

In previous interviews, Doja opened up about how she has never met her father face-to-face, however, he would leave comments on her Instagram page saying how proud he is of her. Weird.

The "Juicy" singer/rapper talked about their estranged relationship in an interview with “The Quick Silva Show” last year. Take a listen (at the 5-minute mark) below:

In another interview, she said she doesn’t hold grudges against him, but she wished she could have had both of her parents in her life.

On social media, Dumisani has been called out for being a deadbeat dad. So, now he's trying to clear his name.

In a recent radio interview, the South African actor made claims he has been trying to reach out to Doja, but her team has been blocking him from contacting her. He thinks since Doja is blowing up in America, her team doesn’t want her to associate herself with South Africa. HUH?! He also said Americans are always want something to cause fear, so that she'll stay in America.

“I’ve tried to search for my baby, but the company that runs all things entertainment has been blocking me. They know if I could get ahold of her, she could disappear in the picture,” he explained.”

Doja's dad said he has tried to contact her via social media, but he keeps getting denied. One of the radio hosts then asked him why he didn't meet her BEFORE she became a celebrity, but he really didn't have an answer.

"I'm looking forward to connect with her because as a Zulu girl, she needs to come home and meet with her sisters and everything. That's the most important thing."

Take a listen below:

Very odd. Doja said she's open to meeting him, so hopefully they can connect and make up for lost time.

In music news...

Doja Cat & Nicki Minaj recently released a dance visual to the "Say So Remix."

Remember when Nick's Barbz tried to cancel Doja? Ha! Take a peek at the dance visuals above.

Below is the first "Say So Remix" that was released:

Photos: Doja's IG/Nicki's IG

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