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Tyra Banks Is Getting A Slew Of Big Mad ‘Tyra Mail’ Tweets About Her Vicious Critiques On ‘ANTM,’ But Should She?

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Tyra Banks is getting dragged on Twitter as old clips of her critiquing contestants on her hit series, “America’s Next Top Model,” have surfaced. But, should she? More inside…

Tyra Banks is getting dragged on social media and it’s not because she couldn’t open her new project, ModelLand, didn’t open. Folks are pulling up old scenes from her show, “America’s Next Top Model,” and are dragging the Top Model honcho to the highest of heavens. And she’s trending on Twitter.

One scene that’s getting feedback is when Tyra encourages contestant/Cycle 6 winner Danielle Evans to have her gap closed.

In the clip, Tyra asked, “Do you really think you can have a Cover Girl contract with a gap in your mouth?"

”Why not?,” Danielle asked.

”It’s not marketable,” Tyra responded.

”Just a little bit is OK, but I don’t want to completely close it,” Danielle said.

”Well, I guess she just like the gap wide open for another girl, baby,” judge Miss Jay said.

Check it:



It didn't take long before people began to react to it, causing Tyra to trend on Twitter:





Model Slick Woods commented on Tyra Banks recently. She doesn't like how Tyra likes to change models' appearances:




Folks are reflecting on episodes that rubbed them the wrong way:













So, here's the thing. While Tyra did do and say some cringe-worthy things on the show, a lot of the criticism is what these models would have experienced in the industry. Tyra was harsh, but so is the fashion industry and she often admitted to being hard on the ladies to show them how cutthroat the industry can be. Many of the things she said to the "ANTM" contestants is what models are told when they go on go-sees and auditions. So this may be a "hate the game, not the player" situation. 

In other news...

The Smize Queen made a video to share how she felt about her ModelLand project - that was 10 years in the making - not being able to open due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Peep the clip above.


So, do you think Tyra Banks was problematic during her "ANTM" days, or nah?

Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com

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