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Silver Lining? The Earth's Ozone & Wildlife Are Living Their Best Lives With Lowest Pollution Levels Ever

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The Earth’s ozone layer (and earth everywhere, honestly) is reportedly healing thanks to self-isolating. More inside…

It seems being on lockdown is healing Mother Earth.

According to reports, the Earth is healing itself from damage. The largest ozone hole is healing itself amid the Coronavius pandemic. Less people are out on the roads, reducing pollution.

Scientists claim the hole over the Arctic, noticed in March this year, has healed.




“The unprecedented 2020 northern hemisphere #OzoneHole has come to an end. The #PolarVortex split, allowing #ozone-rich air into the Arctic, closely matching last week's forecast from the #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service,” the official Twitter handle of Copernicus ECMWF tweeted.


The ozone layer absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays, shielding the planet from the harmful radiation which can cause skin cancer. Earlier in March, scientists had spotted signs of a rare hole forming above the north pole and they though it was a result of low temperatures. The hole was understood to be a result of low temperatures at the north pole. Had the record-breaking hole managed to move south with the air currents, it would have posed a direct threat to humans.

Copernicus' Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) and Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), implemented on behalf of the European Commission, have now confirmed that the hole over the north pole has healed itself. A recent tweet by the agency also explains the reasons behind the same.


Check it:

So it seems being quarantined is at least helping the earth, which we all can be thankful for. Despite what governors are doing right now, we need you all to stay at home so we can get this Coronavirus handled. 

Wildlife is also doing its thing, since the lower pollution and traffic has caused the skies, the roads, the oceans and other bodies of water to clear up.




Photo: Triff/Shutterstock.com

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