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REUNITED! Big Fendi Talks To Nicki Mianj About Colorism In The Rap Game & How Her Career Played A Part, Explains He Was ‘Salty & Bitter’ During Their Feud

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Nicki Minaj and her former manager Big Fendi have mended fences and hash out their issues in a new podcast. Find out what happened between Nicki & Fendi, plus what he said about her setting the bar for brown skinned female rappers inside…


Nicki Minaj and her former manager Big Fendi have been feuding since they fell out over a decade ago. But, they've let bygones be bygones.

A little backstory...

Fendi discovered Nicki during the MySpace days (in '06) and he’s the one who gave her the rap name she uses today, changing her rap persona from Nicki Maraj to Nicki Minaj. They fell out and the QUEEN rapper went on to be managed by Deb Antney’s Mizay Entertainment and Fendi went on to manage Nicki's rap enemy, Lil Kim. Before their fallout, Nicki wasn’t feeling how Fendi was marketing her and that’s what ultimately led to them cutting ties.

Last year, the “Barbie Tingz” rapper brought Fendi on Queen Radio where they sort of worked out their issues over the air. Now, they really delve into their issues on the first episode of Big Fendi's new podcast.

Nicki and Fendi haven’t seen each other since 2008 at a Lil Wayne after tour party in North Carolina. They’ve since mended fences and are now at a place where they can talk about the past and explain to each other why they did the things they did back in the day. Listen, they really were going at it where Nicki was yelling out “F*ck Fendi” and Fendi feeling like he wanted to roll up on her at events he knew she would be attending/performing.

After years of feuding, Fendi said he knew they had to squash their beef if he was going to continue to prosper in life.

Nicki asked him if he was dissing her because he was hurt and he admitted that he did. He said he felt like he put so much energy into something and didn’t receive anything in return.

“I felt like part of it was like, I felt like I started something…,” Fendi started. Then, Nicki chimed in “and you didn’t reap the benefits of it."

“Absolutely,” he responded. “And that goes for anything. In a relationship or whatever it might be, if you start something and you don’t reap the benefit from it you are going to feel like ‘Hey!’ But, at the end of the day, I feel like you did not give me my credit.”

Fendi admitted he was “salty and bitter” because he wasn’t receiving the proper credit he felt he deserved, along with the money. Nicki assured him she always showed him respect, but he seemingly felt a way when she would say Lil Wayne discovered her off of “The Come Up” DVD when he, in fact, discovered her.

“Everyone wants the stamp of ‘I did this for Nicki Minaj. At the end of the day, I did this for Nicki Minaj.’ But along the way my biggest push was you [Fendi] and The Come Up DVD,” Nicki shared.

The “Chun-Li” rapper said she didn’t get big and then said “f*ck Fendi.” It was “f*ck Fendi” before she started to pop.

”So it wasn’t like as soon as I made it I dropped you. I would never do that,” she said.

It’s all good in the hood now. For the record, she said she loves him and appreciates all the time and energy he put into kickstarting her career.

Now that they’ve made up, they can talk about what first brought them together: the music. Right now, the 37-year-old is working on new music, but she’s struggling to find a balance between writing metaphorical bars or creating trendy raps to ride the current wave of music right now.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m in a dilemma," she explained. "Do I dumb it down to go with what’s happening now? And that’s why it be hard for me because I hate putting out something that everybody else is doing and looking like I am on the bandwagon. I always like to try and switch it up. But at the same time, if you want to make it in ‘the game’ you kind of have to follow ways and trends.”

As for the album she’s working on right now, she said she’s finding a great balance.

Fendi then said he feels like Nicki played a part in how brown skinned female rappers were made to feel in the industry.

“I think brown skin rapper chicks - no disrespect - since you came in the game, it kind of made it hard for them,” Fendi said. “I think brown skin chicks gotta work a little harder. You set a bar for brown skin chicks. Cause a lot of chicks at that time were like ‘oh wow, Nicki poppin’ right now, I gotta at least catch up to look like her somewhat.”

The Pinkprint rapper acknowledged colorism in the game and even racism still being an existing factor in our world.  But she doesn't believe that's why she herself, who is a lightskinned rapper who fits the "industry exotic" image, is successful. She said:

“Well, I will say dark skin and brown skin women have to work extra harder in any field. Just like how I feel being black, a black woman, I feel like if a white woman and me were going for the same job at Wall Street I feel like I wouldn’t get the job off the rip just because of me being black. Unless I was double and triple times smarter than her or double and triple times better than her. So yes, I do agree with that.”


Wrapping up their conversation, they noted there could be "more to come" between them, so stay on the look out.

Peep their full interview below:

Photo: Nicki's IG


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