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STORY TIME: Former NBA Star Stephen Jackson Spills All The Gag-Worthy Tea About Why He Left His Ex-Fiancée At The Altar

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Former NBA star Stephen Jackson sat down for story time to reveal the real reason he called off his wedding with ex-fiancée Imani Showalter. And the story is juicy AF. More inside…

It’s story time! And this is a juicy one.

Former NBA star-turned-Big3 baller Stephen Jackson was involved in a longtime relationship with former “Basketball Wives: LA” star Imani Showalter. However, he ended up calling it quits with her… AT THE ALTAR. But, there’s a good reason.

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While smoking in an IG Live, the professional athlete decided to share everything that went down behind-the-scenes the day of his wedding to the mother of children, Imani. He never said her name, but it was obvious who he was talking about.

He started off the video with a disclaimer, saying he was not speaking out to “demean nobody.” He wanted to just shared his side of the story. He also dropped some gems on the young brothas who were tuned in:

”The moral of this story is, find you one woman, love her through the good and bad and build with her. Because I’m tellin you, if you think having a whole bunch of hoes and having multiple kids by more than one woman is something to brag about, it will ruin your life. Thank God it didn’t ruin mine but it will add a lot of stress to your life,” he said.

According to Stephen, he met Imani in New York and they dated for a few years before their relationship got rocky. She moved to San Antonio with him and he even won a championship with the team. However, the organization didn’t like the way Imani dressed and felt she was a bad influence on the other WAGs, according to him, so he ended up not renewing his contract with them.

They moved to ATL and then Indiana. Stephen popped the question, proposing during his tenure with the Indiana Pacers, but the couple decided they would tie the knot in Houston, TX, where Stephen is originally from. He said he loved her, but he was adamant about having a prenup in place before getting married.

“I take care of a lot of people. I’m never letting one woman control of all the hard work I’ve done in my life. None of these muhf*ckas was in the gym with me. So I told myself whoever I’m married to, they signing a prenup off top. It’s not even a second guess,” he said.

No word on how much of his money he flossed and used to GET her in the first place, but we digress.

They originally had the prenup drawn up 3-4 months before the wedding, however, Imani was dragging her feet with signing it. He brought it to her attention several times before the wedding and she always had an excuse as to why she hadn’t signed it yet.

During their wedding planning, Stephen suggested they have his pastor officiate the ceremony. Imani didn’t want that. She wanted to use a pastor one of her friends suggested – a man she hadn’t even met before.

”I spent about $400,000 on the wedding, y’all. Pastor don’t matter to me. I just want to marry you. I don’t even give a damn. Now, we at two weeks before the wedding. Everything planned and ready to go. I’m like, ‘Look bruh why I got to keep asking you about this prenup. It ain’t like you don’t know what’s on it. What motives? This what I told her, what motives you on?! I ain’t on nothing, I just ain’t had time to sign it planning a wedding.”

Chile, we were stuck at $400K.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding and the prenup still hadn’t been signed.  Yes, this is giving us Kandi & Todd pre-wedding vibes too.

”So, this the day of the wedding. Y’all ready for the good part. We wake up that morning, I’m getting dressed. All my groomsmen. In the back of mind, all I’m thinking about is this damn prenup,” he shared.

”We in the back room and the preacher come in with his assistant and my nanny come in with a spooked look on her face. She pulls me to the side and she like, ‘She still ain’t signed it.’ So, I said, ‘I ain’t getting married then.’ Steph [Stephon Marbury] was like, ‘She ain’t sign the prenup, what we even here for?’

”The preacher steps up, remember the preacher? He says ‘Hold on, now I know you love this girl. Don’t make a drastic decision. I think you should just let God handle it.’ I said, ‘Huh?’ He said, ‘As the pastor, I don’t believe in prenups.’ Now I know why she was fighting for you. You don’t believe in prenups. Damn what you believe in. I put everything in God’s hands and God is telling me to put the pen in her hand and make her sign this gotdamn prenup. That’s what God tellin me. So God tellin you and me two different things.”


At this point, the wedding is OFF and Stephen is CRUSHED.

”When we first get back to the room, I break down crying. Honest to God truth, I was hurt,” he explained. “I wanted to marry her, bruh. I break down crying for like twenty-thirty minutes. I’m hard down crying. I didn’t think a woman would take me to this point over a piece of paper. And we got a child together. I was honestly hurt. I was in there hard down crying. And this is when I fell in love with Mike Bibby mama. I’m talking like snot everything. As a grown man, I ain’t never cried like that. Mike Bibby mom grab her bare hand, wipe the snot and everything from my face and picked my chin up and she said, ‘You became a man today.’”

Stephen said someone from Imani’s side told him she wanted to speak to him, so he goes to chat with her. She’s hysterical, saying she’ll sign the prenup, but Stephen was hip to game.

”Listen I was born at night but not last night. Anytime anybody signs anything where they’re crying, under any type of stress, that shit can get thrown out. I was already told that by my folks so I was already on game. So the sh*t she tried, thinking I was going to buckle so it could get thrown out. No sweetheart. You chose your decision. Claim under distress that’s what it’s called,” he said.


So, Stephen heads downstairs and he said Stephon Marbury was in the DJ booth. He said the first song he played was Kanye West’s “Golddigger.”

“That sh*t was classic my n*gga.” Stephen said.


Then, Stephen revealed he ended up sleeping with one of her friends:

“This the sickest part of the whole thing. After we had partied in the hotel, me and partners was getting ready to go out. Two of her main squeezes that was with her, was with us that night. And I’ma keep it funky, I downed one of ‘em. Ya feel me. But that’s her friends though. Yeah I did it. Shole did. If ima trick $300,000-$400,000 Ima get some get back. They couldn’t wait.”

Wow.  Even if she was wrong for what she did - in his eyes - does he believe this makes him a good person automatically? Especially sexing her friends on what was supposed to be their wedding night?  He's telling on himself as well about his character, which shouldn't suddenly be affected because you're hurt.

We have our thoughts on this, and on all men who paint a woman out to be a golddigger after voluntarily dating her for years but being conveniently blind to who she was during all those years, but tell us yours.

You can watch the full story time below:

Following their falling out, they were involved in a nasty child support and custody battle. Years later, Stephen married a woman named Renata Jackson in 2009. They ended up calling it quits and were embroiled in a messy divorce. They ended up reaching a settlement in 2015.


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