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Emmanuel Hudson DRAGS Ex-Comedic Partner Spoken Reasons For Allegedly Stealing Money From ‘Asking All Them Questions’ Video On ‘Wild ‘N Out’

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When friends become enemies. Social media comedian OGs Emmanuel Hudson and Spoken Reasons had some unfinished business to tend to, so Emmanuel decided to handle it on a recent episode of “Wild ‘N Out” and he let his fremeny Spoken Reasons HAVE IT! Check it inside…

They say money is the root of all evil and that proves to be true for former friends/social media influencers Emmanuel Hudson (aka E-Man) and Spoken Reasons.

A little backstory…

Emmanuel and Spoken Reasons are two social media comedians/influencers who joined forces on the classic “Asking All Them Questions” video in 2012. It quickly went viral and ended up raking in over 66 MILLION views. The comedic duo collaborated on other songs together as well, which appeared to be the makings of a new comedic duo that would be taking over our timelines with funny content, but it ended abruptly.

Fans wondered what happened to them because they had chemistry and a huge following. Spoken sort of fell off the grid after his career seemingly nose dived following a supporting role in The Heat, starring opposite Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Emmanuel went on to become a cast member on Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out" and he also appeared in Ride Along, starring opposite Ice CubeKevin Hart.

Apparently, they hadn’t spoken in years, but they came face-to-face when Spoken appeared on a recent episode of “Wild ‘N Out.” And Emmanuel was READY.

During the Wild Style segment of the show (where they freestyle while cracking jokes on one another), the elephant in the room was addressed and let’s just say E-Man went lethal on Spoken to the point of no return. Emmanuel rapped about how Spoken “snatched” the money made from the “Asking All Them Questions” video and how he started "moving funny" when he was hitting him up about the money made from their popular song.

Check it:




After the show aired, Spoken hopped on Live to tell his side of the story. He claims they both put the video on their separate YouTube channels, so he doesn't owe Emmanuel anything. In the LIVE, he urged Emmanuel to SUE him if he actually owes him money.

Spoken also shared receipts that they both got paid for the song:



It didn't stop there either. They took their beef to Twitter as well:









Emmanuel said he tried to reach out to Spoken to chop it up about the money, but he changed his number:





Another Twitter user claims Spoken did her the same way. Peep the thread below:



Spoken responded:





It seems Spoken learned a lesson. He said from now on, he's going to have his paperwork straight:



Whew, chile. A mess!

Photos: Emmanuel's IG/Spoken Reasons' IG



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