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Blac Chyna’s Quarantine Come Up! She’s Charging Her Fans $250 For A Follow Back & $950 To Facetime

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Blac Chyna is using her, um, resources, to make a come up during the Coronavirus crisis. She’s charging her fans for Facetime calls and social media follow backs. More inside…

The clubs are closed, so Blac Chyna can’t host any parties.

Even before all non-essential stores/businesses were shutdown, Chyna’s Lashed Boutique was suspended by the State of California, so she can only make online sales now.

Many companies aren’t dishing out cash for social media promos because, The Rona. So there's not many IG ad posts to go around.

Also, she can’t film for her reality show that airs on the Zeus Network due to the pandemic.

So, what’s a girl like Blac Chyna to do? Well, she finds another hustle. Even if it is eyebrow raising.

The mother-of-two is posting on Instagram about two opportunities her fans can get in on if they have hundreds of dollars. She posted a link on her IG for her fans to pay $250 to receive a follow back from her on Instagram. Also, fans could cough up a whopping $950 to receive a Facetime call from her.

Oh and get this, you can do a payment plan to cover the almost $1,000 Facetime call.



Really, sis? As people are struggling to pay their bills during this pandemic because they’ve been laid off and you’re charging folks this amount of money for a video call and a follow on IG? As expected, folks are dragging her for these ridiculous posts.









Yes, everybody's got to make money.  But aren't there levels to this? Especially when she flaunts her wealth the rest of the year, whhich she has every right to do?  The main question people are asking is, is every hustle necessary right now?


Meanwhile, she posted some super cute Easter pics with her son, King (whom she shares with Tyga), and her daughter, Dream Kardashian (whom she shares with Rob Kardashian):




Chyna and Rob are still currently battling it out in family court over custody of little Dream, in case you missed that.

The Blast reports:

As The Blast first reported, Rob recently filed court documents accusing Chyna of abusing cocaine and detailed one alleged incident where she held a gun to his head during a fight in 2016.

Rob claims his then-fiancé assaulted him while intoxicated and under the influence of drugs. He said she attacked him with a 6-foot metal pole and punched him in the face. In documents, Rob claims, "Chyna consumed large amounts of Moet Rose champagne (her drink of choice) and snorted cocaine." He claims her behavior became "increasingly erratic, aggressive and violent behavior as she became more and more intoxicated."

Chyna’s lawyer fired back claiming there was no violent attack. She called the accusations a lie. Chyna claims any marks on Rob were part of the former couple’s playful behavior that night.

Rob is currently trying to strip Chyna of primary custody of their 3-year-old daughter Dream. She is fighting to keep the custody arrangement in place. A judge has yet to rule.

What a mess. 

Photo: Chyna's IG


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