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Jeannie Mai Dishes On How Her & Jeezy's Relationship Developed Into An Engagement, 'I Had To Love Myself First'

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Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are engaged, but how'd they end up together?  The talk show host revealed their journey - through tears - to wanting to spend the rest of their lives with each other, as well as her journey to loving herself again.  Watch inside.



Jeannie Mai seems determined to do things differently this time around, and we're not mad at this approach.

After divorcing her husband of 10 years, Freddy Harteis, "The Real" co-host took a year to "really get to know herself."  Her tumultuous divorce did a number on her, so she was all about healing.

She went out on dates - but she looked at the person she was on a date with as someone who was simply joining her as she went out to enjoy her own self. And then, she met Jay, aka Jay "Jeezy" Jenkins.


She and the "My President Is Black" rapper went public with their relationship about 3 months after they met, and pretty much no one saw this coming.  Truth be told, most of us had a feeling her next man would be black based on her own strange comments she said on national tv about "liking dark meat on the side," but a Jeannie and Jeezy hook up was NOT something anyone would have predicted.



Apparently, she knew within a millisecond of meeting him that he was the one. And this week, the couple revealed they got engaged (quarantine and all).

Jeannie just shared a video on her Youtube channel speaking about her self love journey leading to the love of her life.  She told fans:

"On November 28th, when I sat down with Jay, the minute I sat down and we locked eyes - when I  -  the millisecond that I saw his eyes...I immediately knew he was special.  And I knew that he had like an um, I saw this crazy kindness in his eyes. And this humility that [he], like me, hasn't always made the best choices in life. Things didn't always turn out the way they were supposed to. But in our careers, we look like we have all the right answers.  We look like, yo, these people can't possibly live a day being unhappy.  But I could see right away that he had been broken like me.

"It was insane.  So I was able to connect with that. And we are great at where we are right now, as far as spending each day to unveil more of each other and appreciate it."



She said she absolutely, positively knows she couldn't have fallen in love today, had she not fallen in love with herself first.

Well, that's certainly a whole sermon in itself. Congrats again to the couple!


Photo: Jeezy's IG

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