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Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ Character Is Based On A Younger Version Of Herself, ‘I Definitely Was Her, Now I’m Glad I’m Not’

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Issa Rae says her “Insecure” character is based on a younger version of herself that she’s grateful to have grown from. The fab chick also gives an update on how she’s handling being quarantined amid the crisis. Get it all inside…


Fans of “Insecure” have been rolling the growing pains of adulthood with Issa Dee as she navigates life. Sis has gone through some real-life ish we all can relate to – relationship drama, career uncertainty, maintaining health friendships.

”Insecure” creator Issa Rae gave her character her name, so it comes to no surprise she mimics her real-life in some capacity. The fab actress/writer appeared on “Live with Kelly & Ryan” to dish on the upcoming 4th season of “Insecure” that’s set to premiere April 12th.

Issa said Season 4 is all about growing pains and whether the people in your life are there for a reason or a season. Then, she talked about how her character is a reflection of her old self.

“She is the younger, less focused version of me. I definitely was her at some point. Now, I’m glad that I’m not. I like to think I make better decisions than she does,” she shared.

Peep the clip below:

Like Kelli says on the show, "growth!"

The west coast native also talked about being born in LA, moving to the east coast, and then moving back to LA for her career: 

In an interview with Parade, Issa revealed she's still working while being quarantined, unlike some celebs who constantly complain about being bored at home. Issa has discovered a new routine for herself and she's liking it. She also said having this down time has allowed her to be creative and write more. More writings equals more coins!

"Definitely not bored. I’ve still gotta work but I’m getting used to it," she told the publication. "I don’t know how to feel about that. I like the routine. I have my little routine and I actually don’t like going to meetings and meeting with people. So it is helpful in that way. And I’ve just had so much time to be creative and to write."

Hopefully that means we'll get Season 5 sooner....or are we wishful thinking? You can read her full interview here.

"Insecure" Season 4 premieres Sunday, April 12th at 10pm EST on HBO.

We're so ready.

Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com

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