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Waka Flocka Had To Figure Out How To Stop His & Tammy Rivera's Marriage From Imploding After 'Cheating On Her Made Her Better' Comment

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Well look who finally showed up for his wife. Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera have been going through it in their marriage, and their therapy sessions have been playing out on their new reality show. On tonight's episode, the rapper might have found the cheat code to keeping Tammy from walking away.

Whew chile. If this is marriage, we don't want it.

There's a fine line between putting in hard work and longtime suffering. Tammy Rivera has seemingly been doing the latter in her marriage with Waka Flocka Flame, so they started going to therapy to address his cheating issues and their communication & emotional issues as a couple. Couples therapy sparked a whole firestorm though.

Ish got real - hotepish - last week when Waka told the therapist him cheating on Tammy made her better. Chile.

After that foolery, Tammy said she needed her space, so she fled ATL went to her grandmother's birthday party back home in Maryland - solo dolo.


Well maybe therapy and a little distance is helping afterall. 

Because on tonight's episode, when Waka (and Deb) show up to surprise her, after she was just moping around the party saying she wished he was there, Tammy reveals she was "happy as sh**" to see him.

Waka said he needs to listen to her more, and he'd "do anything in the world for my wife. Anything."

He better say that, especially since Tammy is actually walking the walk and claiming a whole gun he was caught with a few years ago - illegally - was actually hers.

“Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka” airs Thursdays on WeTV at 10p ET.

Photo: WeTV

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