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We’re Not Sure Who Thought It Was A Good Idea For Lamar Odom To Be Drinking During His N.O.R.E. Interview, But It Happened & It Was Many Things

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Lamar Odom very likely shouldn’t be drinking while conducting an interview, but here we are. Highlights from his interview, including the moment he and Noreaga almost came to blows inside…


Knowing Lamar Odom's past with drug & alcohol addiction, you would think someone in his circle would have advised him NOT to go on "Drink Champs," but, nope. The former NBA star sat down to chop it up (and drink it up) with rapper Noreaga and DJ EFN for an episode of the "Drink Champs" podcast and it was...many things.

The liquor was flowing heavy and it was quite obvious they were feeling it. At one point, it appeared Lamar and N.O.R.E. were about to come to blows.

In a sneak peek, the former NBA star laments, "I feel disrespected," while slurring his words. At this point, he may have been intoxicated because he was talking all over the place and not making sense.

"How, I'm not understanding," N.O.R.E. responded, seemingly confused what pissed Lamar off.

"As a queens n***a to queens n***a," Lamar responded then N.O.R.E. is heard saying, "If you google yourself," defending his comments about LO. Next thing you know, they're both getting up and one of the co-hosts directs the production crew to turn the cameras off. Check it:



Also in the interview, Lamar talked about his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian, praising her for being there for him when he overdosed at a brothel and almost died. He said he can see the difference in how black women treat him now in the airport when they see him with his new fiancee, Sabrina Parr. He gushed about his lifestyle being with a Kardashian and was proud to be a kid from Queens [who] got Khloe on Jamaica Avenue. Oh. They also discussed the "Kardashian Spell" - which they compared to GET OUT - that black men seemingly be under when they nab one of the sisters.

Oddly enough, Lamar was confused on what exactly Black Twitter is. That might be a good thing, TBH.

Sharing throwback stories, Lamar said one time he bought 100 bottles of Moet Rose at Prive' because a random dude next to him told him to "step his game up." That night, he drunk 10 bottles...ALONE. Sheesh!

Also in the interview, Lamar talked about the advice Jay-Z gave him about the music business, former embattled NBA star Delonte West, how Kobe Bryant's death affected him and how he reunited with some of his former teammates, how he broke up a fight that was about to go down between Kobe and Master P, what Kanye West’s music means to him, and how he tried to become “the Puff Daddy of the NBA.”

Check it out below:


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