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Wait, Did LaKeith Stanfield & Xosha Roquemore Breakup? Because He’s Shooting His Shot At Ari Lennox Now

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Hold up! LaKeith Stanfield is out in these streets acting single, shooting his shot at Ati Lennox. Did he he and Xosha Roquemore breakup? Let’s discuss inside…

Being quarantined has seemingly brought about some new revelations.

Singer Ari Lennox – who previously said she was done with the Internet and quitting music – found herself being asked out on a date in front of all of her followers.

During an Instagram Live session, the Dreamville singer was talking life as a single woman and how she has been watching romantic movies by herself. As she gushed over The Photograph, she received a surprise comment from one of the film’s stars, LaKeith Stanfield.

“Thank you love [rose emoji],” LaKeith wrote during her IG Live.

Ari went on to explain how she went to theater to see the film solo “looking pitiful” while reflecting on her own nonexistent love life. Then, LaKeith shot his shot.

“Can you be my date? Let’s go,” he wrote during her live stream.

“LaKeith…I don’t have time for this right now. Cause I… Wait. You’re joking,” she said. “I don’t have…no. We’re changing the subject because I heard some things…”

Oop. Ari then tried to show her fans the home studio she created, but sis was fumbling over her words, clearly flustered from her interaction with LaKeith.

Check it:



We don't even blame Ari because we would be the same.

But wayment! What happened to LaKeith's girlfriend/child's mother Xosha Roquemore? The "Atlanta" actor and "Cherish The Day" actress welcomed a daughter in 2017 and were seemingly still in a relationship.



LaKeith and Xosha have been photographed together on red carpets over the years, but not recently. They haven't been pictured professionally together since 2018, however, the family flick above is from September 2019.

On Valentine's Day this year, LaKeith shared a photo of himself with Xosha for his "Fast SIngle" single:



The couple is super private, so if they did break up they likely wouldn't send out an official statement saying so. However, fans say Xosha confirmed during a recent IG Live that they are no longer together.

Either way, we wish them all the best. And if we catch LaKeith and Ari on a date, we'll def share the coupledom news.

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