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Taye Diggs Reveals ‘Best Man 3’ Could Happen…With A Twist!

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Will we finally get a third installment of The Best Man? Taye Diggs seems hopeful. However, the third installment may come with a twist. Find out what we mean inside…

It has been over 20 years since the original Best Man film hit theaters.

Fans fell in love with the Harper (Taye Diggs), Jordan (Nia Long), Lance (Morris Chestnut), Mia (Monica Calhoun), Robin (Sanaa Lathan), Quentin (Terrence Howard), Shelby (Melissa De Sousa), Julian (Harold Perrineau) and Candy (Regina Hall) in the romantic comedy back in ’99. Fourteen years after the first film, writer/director Malcolm D. Lee served up the sequel, The Best Man Holiday, in 2013, reuniting the original cast.

Since then, fans have been wondering if a third installment of the film would ever drop and at one point it was. There were rumors that the third installment of the film would be tentatively titled, A Best Man Wedding. However, Malcolm D. Lee shut down those rumors in 2018 when he revealed the third installment had been “delayed indefinitely” and it had everything to do with money.

"At first it seemed the studio wanted to make a third — Lee thinks it will be the best one, ‘the Malcolm Lee movie we’d expect.’ But they won’t pay. It’s been delayed indefinitely. “I don’t feel at this point that I should have to struggle. I kind of paid my dues.”

Best Man 3 was previously scheduled for April 2016, then it was pushed back to 2017 before it was removed from the schedule entirely.

In another interview, Malcolm shared the script was written and ready to go but, it was a struggle trying to get the entire cast back together because everyone is booked and busy:

"That's pretty much what's happening. That's what's been the problem. Trying to get everybody. It's a large cast, and they're all working, you know? It's written. It was written so close after the last one, so we'll have to make some adjustments, but it's kind of ready to go."

Now, according to Taye Diggs the third installment is a possible go…except it may not be a movie. The Best Man 3 could be delivered in a TV series format. He spilled the tea during a backstage Q&A on "The Talk" recently.

Check it:


A TV series could be lit since it could delve deeper into the storylines. However, we're not sure how the masses will like one of their classic films being turned into a series. Are you feeling the Best Man 3 being turned into a series? Why or why not?




A few days ago, Taye Diggs went on a rant about white people not exercising proper hygiene at the gym amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Peep the clip above.

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