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Lauren & Cameron Are Still Proving Why They’re The ‘Love Is Blind’ MVPs + Here’s What Went Down At The Reunion

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Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are still on the promo trail proving why they’re still the MVPs of “Love Is Blind." Flicks of the happily married couple, deets on their new project, plus everything that went down during the "Love Is Blind" reunion inside…

Everyone’s favorite couple from “Love Is Blind” is still out in these streets being #CoupleGoals.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton quickly became fan favorites on Netflix’s first dating series, “Love Is Blind.” The show was actually filmed in 2018 and that’s when Lauren and Cameron tied the knot. As you can see, they’re still going strong a year and a half later and proving they’re the real “Love Is Blind” MVPs.

The couple was spotted out in the Big Apple all loved up and cutesy before hitting the daytime talk show scene.

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Aren't they cute.

The Hamiltons sat down to chop it up about married life and blending their families on "Today with Hoda & Jenna." They shared when they knew each other was "the one" and what the "Love Is Blind" reunion was like.

Check it:


Today, Lauren and Cameron appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with their co-stars:

Earlier this week, they appeared on BRAVO's "Watch What Happens Live" to spill tea:

We previously told you the Hamiltons were gearing up to launch a YouTube channel and it just went live recently:


The name of their YouTube series is "Hangin' With The Hamiltons" and they say they'll take fans with them on their marriage journey following the Netflix series. Peep their first episode below:

A few days ago (SPOILER ALERT if you haven't watched yet)...


The couples aren’t in the pods anymore and things got REAL…fast during the “Love Is Blind” reunion show.

Along with Lauren & Cameron, co-stars Amber Pike and Matt Barnett (known as Barnett on the show) also tied the knot. However, there was drama leading up to the alter. Jessica Batten had the most cringeworthy storyline as she was seen throwing herself on Barnett in Mexico AFTER they both were engaged to someone else. She was super flirty with Barnett and kept asking him if he was SURE he picked the right woman.

On the show, Jessica tried to convince Amber that they were cool, but in all actuality, Jessica was after Amber’s man – which Amber wasn’t fully aware of during filming. However, after watching the series, Amber saw how Jessica was doing THE MOST, so she didn’t waste any time to CHECK her during the reunion show.

"You're so fake, coming to my face like we were cool,” Amber said to Jessica. “You were engaged to another man that you were leading on. I think you are a very disingenuous person and I hope, seeing this, you do grow from it, because this is not what the world needs, women who go behind people's back like that."

Where’s the lie? Peep the fiery clip below:



Honestly, she deserved every bit of this.

Jessica offered up an apology to both Amber and Barnett for her actions. She blamed her actions on having a history of going after men that are not available. She also apologized to her ex-fiancé Mark Cuevas. Jessica decided at the wedding NOT to marry him. Peep her apology below:

On the show, Barnett got caught up in a love triangle between three women, but he ultimately chose Amber as his wife. During his time in the pods, he did casually tell Jessica he would propose to her and that's where things got messy because Jessica went back and told Amber what he said. At the reunion, he said he threw out the "I want to marry you" statement to gauge how the ladies would respond, however, he didn't actually mean he was going to propose and he regrets Jessica took it that way.

After the show aired, Amber and Barnett were on the brink of divorce. Amber admitted that they're both really stubborn and headstrong individuals, so they've hit some rough patches in their marriage. At one point, it got so bad, Amber sought out a divorce lawyer because they didn't meet each other's expectations of marriage.

"There was one point where we almost broke up because we had such expectations out of what we wanted out of a husband and wife," Amber explained. "We knew we were married and we knew we were in love, but also we were still learning each other."

She also revealed one of their main issues was the fact that she wasn't working and had to be "financially dependent" on Barnett.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers didn't get married on the show after Damian called it off at the wedding. BUT, they've since reconciled. Gigi admitted it hurt like hell when Damian said he didn't want to get married at the alter, but said it was the best decision for them. Peep the clip above.

Carlton Morton faced his ex-fiancee Diamond on the reunion show, following their explosive fight in Mexico after Carlton revealed he was a bisexual man. The fight went viral and started several conversations and hashtags on the Internet. Both Carlton and Diamond admitted they have been receiving death threats on social media. Diamond said she's hurt that people would attack her so viciously when her goal that day was to get more understanding.

By the end of their segment, Carlton got down on one knee and offered Diamond the engagement he originally gave to her as a symbol of their friendship. Huh? (You'll recall, he threw it in the pool during their argument in Mexico, so he had to go back and get it). Diamond accepted and said they both can move on as friends. She's better than us. Peep the clip above.

By the way, Diamond said she's currently working on her PhD in Optometry. She graduated from Hampton University with a degree in biology.

In happier news, Lauren and Cameron revealed they now have a fur baby named Spark, which is symbolic of the "spark" that kicked off their relationship in the pods. So, what about kids? Lauren said they'll have kids "one day" with Cameron chiming in, "Hopefully soon."

Lauren said she was super nervous to introduce Cameron to her father as her fiance, especially since she had never introduced any of her boyfriends to him. Papa Speed and Cameron are doing good and are building their father-in-law/son-in-law relationship. The Hamiltons said they spent their first Thanksgiving with both of their families last year and it was incredible.

"It was just like WOW. It was such a beautiful moment," Lauren said.

You can watch the full reunion episode below:


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