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Kenya Moore Found Text Exchange Between Hubby Marc Daly & His Ex + NeNe Leakes Drags ‘Monster’ Kenya, Says F*** Her & Her Bad Skin!

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Kenya Moore broke down in tears while sharing with Kandi Burruss & Cynthia Bailey about text messages she found on her estranged husband Marc Daly’s phone from his ex. Meanwhile, Kenya's enemy, NeNe Leakes, was busy bashing Kenya on Twitter during last night's episode. Get it all inside...


Last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” fans learned details about Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s relationship that led up to the former couple announcing they were divorcing after two years of marriage. 

Following Marc’s charity event for the Black Man Lab, Kenya & her estranged husband (who is the father of her daughter Brooklyn Daly) announced they were divorcing. Kenya’s homies Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey stopped by her house when the news first hit to make sure she was OK. During their conversation, Kenya explained what went down between her and Marc following the event.

After wrapping up the charity event, Marc and Kenya hopped into an Uber to head home and got into a super-heated discussion because Marc was LIVID. It got so bad, the Uber driver asked Marc to get out of the car, according to Kenya.

The former Miss USA said Marc accused her of ruining his event and that he didn’t even want her there. That was obvious when he never even acknowledged his wife during the event when he thanked everyone else who helped. A guest at the event asked Marc how he liked being married and he wasn’t shy when he revealed he “hated it.” Kenya revealed their fight in the Uber gave her flashbacks of when she was in a physically abusive relationship. She said Marc never physically hit her, but he would say some very disrespectful and hurtful things.

It was clear things were bad between the two. The next day, Kenya & Marc announced they were getting divorce…separately. But, Kenya claims Marc forced her hand with her public announcement. She said she was blindsided about the divorce. A person in Marc’s camp hit up Kenya’s people and told them Marc would be releasing a statement to announce they were calling it quits.

Fighting back tears, Kenya told Cynthia and Kandi that she found a text exchange between Marc and one of his exes, where the woman was BEGGING him to continue having sex with her even AFTER he told her he got married. 

Check it at the 2:05-minute mark below:

During last night's episode Kenya hopped on Twitter to give more details about the text exchange she found between her husband and his ex:

“The story I told @Kandi and @cynthiabailey10 about the ex wanting to ‘keep it going’ was shared from Marc just weeks after he told her he got married nearly 3 years ago and that was her response,” she tweeted.

News of infidelity may be a shock for some because Kenya denied cheating allegations last year. There was a rumor that Marc had a secret family. Here’s what Kenya had to say about it:

“I can tell you I’ve heard a lot of rumors about secret families. I can tell you that’s completely made up; there’s zero truth to that…In terms of infidelity, I’ve had no proof of that. That’s not our issue,” the former beauty queen told PEOPLE.


At that time, she said she was hopeful they could reconcile. 

Kenya got more candid about he crumbling marriage during the "RHOA" after show. Check it below: 

And there was more drama...

After news of Kenya & Marc’s divorce hit the media, Kenya gathered herself together and went on the girl’s trip she and Kandi planned to Greece. And Kenya was her usual shady self.

So much so, it pissed NeNe Leakes all the way off and she let Kenya HAVE IT. During a group dinner, NeNe accused Kenya of snubbing her twice and that sent her over the edge. NeNe said she was open to “fellowship” with Kenya, but the former Miss USA got up from the dinner table and said nope!

”I’ve put all of our drama aside. As a married woman, and a woman who has been through things in her marriage, I wanted to just really give her good advice. F*CK Kenya. Be clear, f*ck Kenya and her bad skin,” NeNe said during a confessional. Peep the clip below at the 3-minute mark.

As the episode aired, NeNe hopped on Twitter to basically double down on the comments she made about Kenya.

"I don’t want to hear NOTHING from NOBODY concerning Ken," NeNe tweeted. "She sits, talks and thanks some who has done wayyyyy more worst to her than i ever have! I don’t owe this monster NOTHING! I personally think her friends need to keep it 100 wit her."

The self-proclaimed "RHOA" HBIC continued, "The fact that her friends ask others to be sensitive to her situation but she was NEVER sensitive towards porsha & Kordell (remember her sayin porsha was his beard) Phaedra & Apollo, Paul & Tanya. LETS NOT FORGET"

Needless to say, it doesn't look like these two will ever bury the hatchet to at least be cordial.

Photos: BRAVO screenshots

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