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[UPDATE] DaBaby Apologizes For SLAPPING A Woman In The Club After She Hit Him With Her Cell Phone

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Rapper DaBaby was caught on video slapping a woman in the face as she made his way through a crowded club. After the incident, he hopped on social media asking his fans for info on the woman so his lawyer can “get active.” Then, he issued an apology. See the slap and get the deets inside…




DaBaby hopped on IG Live to apologize (if you want to call it that) to the woman he slapped in the face who hit him in the face with her cellphone. He said he couldn't see that it was a woman on the other end of the phone because she had the light in his face.

“I do sincerely apologize. I do. I’m very sorry that there was a female on the other end of that flashlight on their phone," he said. "I think by this time, you know it’s a well known fact that male or female, I would’ve responded the same exact way.”

The Charlotte native said she could have simply just zoomed in to get the picture she wanted. He also offered her to get "flewed out" so he can apologize face-to-face. Peep the clip above.


Rapper DaBaby was caught on video slapping a woman in the face as he walked through a crowded club last night.

The “BOP” rapper was making his way to the stage to perform, however, he never made it to the stage to perform due to an altercation leading up to his performance. The “Suge” rapper was at Whiskey North in Tampa, FL for his “Up Close N Personal” tour. Apparently, a woman got too “up close and personal” for him and it resulted in him assaulting her.

In the clip, it looks like the woman was trying to get a picture of the rapper when her phone hit him in the face. That’s when he slapped her in the face:



After he slapped her, it's reported fans began to boo DaBaby, so he left without performing.

Once he made it back to his hotel, the 28-year-old hopped on IG Stories to ask fans who were on the scene to send him footage of the woman hitting him in the face with her cellphone first.

"I got $10,000 for whoever got a good angle of shawty hitting me in my eye with her cellphone," he said. Following that post, he shared a clip from a different angle of the incident. He captioned the clip, "Who know shawty government name so my lawyer can get active?"

Sounds like he wants to sue.

Check it:

It does appear the woman may have hit him in the face with her phone, but it def doesn't look malicious in any way. It appeared to be an accident. So, for him to react this way, maybe he should reconsider his job. People are going to bump into you if your trekking through a crowded club, especially since everyone is trying to get a picture on their cellphones. He could have handled this situation better. PERIOD.

This isn't the first time he has been caught on camera slapping someone. In January, surveillance footage captured him slapping a hotel worker who tried to sneak a picture of him and his kid: 

In December 2019, he was caught on video fighting a food stand employee at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

Not only that, the North Carolina native (real name Jonathan Kirk) was reportedly arrested in connection with the robbery of a club promoter in Miami back in January. The “Suge” rapper was in South Florida for a New Year’s Eve performance at a Miami Beach nightclub. Apparently, the agreement was made that DaBaby would be paid $30,000 for the performance. He linked up with the promoter at Novotel Miami Brickell to collect his coins, but after counting the money, the rapper claimed he was shorted out of $10,000.

When DaBaby began demanding the money, an argument broke out, which resulted in the rapper allegedly punching a man who was with the promoter. The rapper’s crew allegedly jumped in, stealing the man’s iPhone 7, $80 in cash, a credit card, and then the man was allegedly doused with apple juice. DaBaby was arrested for the incident.

Also, he was arrested in 2019 for an alleged attack that apparently happened in November 2018. It's reported DaBaby got into a fight with a man in a Walmart. The man was shot and killed. DaBaby told police he felt threatened and was protecting himself and his kids. However, he said he did NOT pull the trigger. In June 2019, he was convicted of carrying a concealed gun, which is a misdemeanor. He ended up being sentenced to 12 months of unsupervised probation and 30 days in jail, but the jail sentence was suspended.

Photo: DaBaby's IG

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