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Sky Doubles Down On Disgusting Comments She Said To Her Son Des, ‘I Said What I Said’ + VH1 Producers SUSPEND Her From ‘Black Ink’

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“Black Ink” star Sky got into a physical altercation with her youngest son, Dessalines, and said some horrific things a mother should never say to their son. And she’s now doubling down on what she said to him. VH1 also wasn’t feeling Sky physically fighting her son, so they suspended her. Everything inside…

The dysfunctional relationship between “Black Ink” star Sky and her sons continues.

We all watched Sky try to reunite with her sons, Genesis and Dessalines, after she gave them up for adoption as a teenager. The reunion wasn’t what she expected when her eldest son Genesis didn’t welcome her with open arms. In fact, they almost came to blows when they tried to work out their issues. At the time, Sky and her son Des were seemingly good...at least, their relationship was way better than her relationship with Genesis.

Things aren't good now, though, however.

Now, Sky is at war with her youngest son, Des.

"Black Ink" honcho Ceaser let the crew know Sky was suspended following an “incident” with her son that "spiraled out of control."

”She’s not on the show and I can’t have her working in the shop either,” Ceaser told the crew.

Check it:



Turns out, VH1 producers suspended Sky after a physical altercation with her 19-year-old son, Des. Apparently, "someone else got hurt" and a producer of the show said the network will not allow “sh*t to go down like this,” so they suspended her. It sounds like she may have assaulted a producer during the altercation with her son. That hasn't been confirmed.

Interesting, since this show has more brawls than we can count over the years.

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So why did Sky and her son get into it in the first place?

Last season, Sky accused Des of stealing from her and there has been bad blood between them ever since. Being the bigger person, Des went to his mother’s house to apologize for the way things ended after she accused him of stealing from her.

"Everything was going good in my eyes, now it’s south," he explained to Ceaser while chatting about the altercation in the car.

As they’re conversing, Sky mentioned a girl hopped in her DMs, claiming she was pregnant with Des’ baby. That’s when ish went left.

"I don’t care about this TV sh*t. I really came to put our f*cked up past behind us," Des told his mom.

Sky barked back saying he was only there to get money.

That’s when they both started hurling insults at each other. Sky called him “disrespectful” and said being a “thief” is “inside his soul.” Des popped back, calling her a “fraud” and a “dumbass.”

"She went out of her way to hurt me. She wished death on me," Des told Ceaser.

A voiceover from the fight played in the background with Sky saying some disgusting things to her teenage son.

”I wish I would’ve aborted you," she said. “I wanna beat this little boy’s a**! Why I didn’t swallow you, f*cking b*tch boy?"

Flashbacks from the altercation show security holding Sky and Des back from one another. Then, Sky hurls some SERIOUS low blows.

"Your daddy don’t want you! I don’t want you! Nobody wants you!" she added.

Wow. She really said that to her son.

As Des explained to Ceaser what happened, he broke down in tears. Check it:



After the episode aired, Sky hopped on IG Live, doubling down on her comments after receiving backlash on social media.

“I said what I said,” she told her fans. Peep her Live below:

At this point, it seems it would be better if both Sky & Des work on themselves before trying to reconcile and attempt to work on their relationship. It's super toxic right now and it's sad to see.

We're hoping Sky can one day reunite with her sons in a healthy way. New episodes of "Black Ink" air Wednesdays at 8pm EST on VH1.

Photo: Des' IG


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