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UNBOTHERED & FABULOUS: Meghan & Harry Step Out Together For The First Time In London After Relocating To Canada, And Brits Are BIG MAD They Didn't Bring Archie

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Meghan Markle & Harry are back in London and making their first public appearance together since relocating to Canada.  And they look happier than ever.  The way some of the Brits are reacting, though, is precisely why they left.  More inside.

Whew.  Sis is BRAVE, ok?  Meghan Markle is back in the place whose media has been nailing her and her Royal-for-now husband to a cross  and dragging them through the mud for every single move they make.  When they announced they're stepping back from Royal duties and chucking deuces to move to Canada, the Brits got even more mad.


The Sussexes (we can use that name until the 31st o this month) were TIREDT of the foolishness, and created their own path to happiness that did not include the Royal family or the people of Britain.  We're not mad, and they look happy as ever.

As details of Harry & Meg's post-Royal life continue to be hashed out between the Queen and her youngest grandson, the twosome made their way back to London to show what happiness and freedom looks like - fabulous AF.




The hot couple - Meghan rocking a Victoria Beckham dress and Manolo Blahnik shoes - was all smiles while making their way to the Annual Endeavour Fund Awards, one of their last duties on their Royal checklist before moving on. And we've never seen them so happy and so in love.  Ugh! So perfect.

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The couple were surprised and all smiles when a military vet named Danny - who had been affected by IEDs while in the service - had just won the Recognizing Achievement award, and then paid tribute to his girlfriend Lauren by popping the question.



They laughed it up and spoke to the people at the event created for those making an impact in their communities.




The couple left 10-month-old Archie back in Canada, reportedly, so Piers Morgan and the other Brits on the Sussex hate train had plenty to say about it, calling it "odd" for them to leave their baby at home.

Is it?  When so many of the British press is so volatile toward that family?  No wonder why they kept him away from it.  By the way, the Queen and William & Kate have left their kids at home to travel plenty of times.  Stop bullying.




Y'all better shelter against the storm together! Loves it!


Photos: MEGA/Getty/Splash

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