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Jhene Aiko Turns Up With Boyfriend Big Sean, Kehlani & More At CHILOMBO Album Listening Party

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Big Sean was right by Jhene Aiko’s side for her album listening party to celebrate her forthcoming album, CHILOMBO. Go inside the bash with the couple, along with Kehlani, Queen Naija and more…



Days before releasing her third studio album CHILOMBO, Jhene Aiko gathered her family and friends for an intimate listening party in Los Angeles last night.

The R&B singer was joined by her boyfriend Big Sean, her adorable daughter Namiko, singer Kehlani and YouTube star/singer Queen Naija and her boyfriend Clarence White.



The songstress mixed and mingled with her loved ones in a multi-printed dress.





Jhene's 11-year-old daughter Namiko Love Browner (whom she shares with O'Ryan - brother of B2K singer Omarion) was there to support her mom:



Mama Aiko (real name Christina Yamamoto) looked good:



Jhene's dad Karamo Chilombo was in the mix. We see she named her new album after her pops.



Daddy Chilombo wasn't shy at all and hit the dance floor to dance it up to his daughter's bops:





Big Sean was feeling the vibes as well, as a great boyfriend should:





Jhene's sister Mila J and Miyoko Chilombo also came out to support:



Jhene Aiko recently spoke with Billboard about her new album, revealing the inspiration behind it.

“In a sense, I am like a volcano and this album is an eruption,” she says.

During the creative process, she wanted to incorporate crystal alchemy sound bowls — which produce an extended vibrational hum — on each track. Her hope was to open up different chakras within the human body.

“For instance, ‘P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)’ ” — the album’s punchiest and most provocative track — “is in the key of D, so I played a bowl in the note of D,” explains Aiko weeks after the listening session. “D corresponds with your second chakra (sacral chakra), which governs your sexual organs below your navel and your hips. So even though the song is fun and sexy, there’s an actual healing instrument in there to help balance you out in those areas.”


Ready for those Jhene Aiko vibes we all know and love (and keep on repeat)? You won't have to wait long. CHILOMBO is set to drop March 6th.


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